1. Aon, Trump removed the corporate – company insurance

The turmoil surrounding the 2020 US presidential election spilled over into the insurance industry earlier this year when Aon PLC ended its relationship with one of the broker company's best-known and long-standing clients.

The triggering event was the uprising on January 6 in Washington, in which a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol after a speech by the then president that denied the outcome of the elections.

Mr Trump's speech to his supporters and his apparent refusal to use force to stop the ensuing uprising sparked indignation among many, including some of his business associates.

In the days following the uprising, various companies, including two banks that previously had Mr Trump as a client, announced that they would end their relationships with him as his presidency drew into the last few weeks.

Aon, who had been the long-time broker for Mr. Trump's business, joined the ranks of companies that scorned their former clients.

The story of Aon's decision to end its relationship with the Trump Organization was the most widely read risk management story on Business Insurance's website in 2021.

It wasn't the first time Aon has been drawn into major controversy over Mr Trump. About a month earlier, it was revealed that New York State attorneys had interviewed Aons employees in connection with their investigation into his business relationships.

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