10 largest life insurance firms (2021)

The biggest may not always be the best when it comes to choosing a service or product. Life insurance is no different, with the exception of one discriminatory factor – the purpose of life insurance is to pay out a significant amount of money to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. Hence is a insurer& # 39; S Total assets, Performance and processing practice are important components that must be checked by life insurance customers.

By using Insurify to compare life insurance quotes, you can do more than just check the premiums. After answering some basic questions such as: B. Your age and how a lot of life insurance You need, Assure offers you a list of quotes from top insurer for you to compare. You can speak to an agent or learn more online because your trust in your company is vital to your loved ones.

What is a big one Life insurance company, and why is it important?

Which makes a great in every way Life insurance company is the number of people who have policies with the Life insurance company and the company's ability to make money and pay accounts receivable. Policyholder want your to know insurer has the financial stability to perform his or her part of the contract.

the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) published the 2020 Life / Brotherly Market share Report listing the top 25 Life insurer in the US through direct bonuses and Market shares. Around 66.7 percent of life and accident /Health insurance industry reported their direct premiums to the NAIC for 2020.

Life insurance premiums are the payments you make for your Life insurance policy. Whether an insurer Life insurance policy or a Term life insurance, the NAIC Details the greatest insurer through directly booked rewards and their Market shares. Market shares are the size of a company based on its turnover compared to the total turnover of the industry.

Brotherhoods are non-profit organizations that work according to a lodge system and living and Health insurance and other benefits for their members. the NAIC has listed these organizations and made them profit-oriented insurer on their Market share Report. They also make a list of properties as well Accident insurance. The following table is the NAIC& # 39; s list of the top 10 of life insurer through direct bonuses in the US

society Direct rewards in 2020
1 New York life $ 11.7 billion
2 Northwest Reciprocity $ 11.3 billion
3 MetLife/ Large city GFK $ 10.5 billion
4th Obligation to supervise from America $ 10.1 billion
5 Lincoln Financial/ National $ 8.4 billion
6th Mass mutual $ 8 billion
7th District farm $ 5 billion
8th Aegon US holding GFK $ 4.9 billion
9 John Hancock $ 4.7 billion
10 Reciprocity in Minnesota $ 4.7 billion


A pension is a financial vehicle that can be used as an investment product or an insurance product. As an insurance product, it can be used to provide a Death benefit or a permanent source of income for the beneficiary. the NAIC also compiled a list of the 25 Best US Companies of 2020. Life insurer with pension Considerations. The following table shows the top 10 insurer from this list.

society Direct premiums with pension credit in 2020
Jackson National $ 18.2 billion
TIAA family $ 17.1 billion
Lincoln National $ 17 billion
American international group $ 15.2 billion
Nationwide $ 14.1 billion
Apollo Global MGMT $ 13.5 billion
New York life $ 12.5 billion
Voya Financial group $ 12 billion
just Holdings Inc. $ 10.7 billion
Mass mutual Life $ 10.3 billion

Independent rating services

Independent rating services evaluate the financial strength of life Insurance provider based on various criteria including their competitive advantage, their ability to fund their strategic plans, and their liquidity. The five leading insurance rating services are Duff and Phelps (soon to be Kroll Bond), Fitch, Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s (S&P) and AM. Preferably.

who are they Largest life insurance company in the world?

AM. Preferably is a credit rating service that focuses entirely on the Insurance industry and insurance-related products. It reports over 16,000 insurer across the globe. It works in over 100 countries to serve life insurance clients, professionals and anyone looking to determine the financial strength of insurance companies through their Insurance reviews.

On January 4th, 2021, AM. Preferably published its list of the 25 largest insurance companies in the world by net written premiums and by non-bank assets for 2019. Non-bank financial institutions bid Financial services such as brokerage, advice and risk pooling, i.e. insurance. They are not administered by a banking regulator and / or do not have a full banking license.

Insurance assets are anything that is in the custody of the insurance company and that can be used to cover its debts. the insurer At AM. Preferablythe largest in the world insurer the list of non-banking assets may or may not have bank branches open to the public, but these assets are not counted. However, non-bank assets, such as financial management, are reflected in non-bank assets.

The following table is AM. Preferably& # 39; s top 10 worldwide insurer of 2019 by non-bank assets.

society Location Net non-bank assets 2019
1. alliance SE Germany $ 1,096,870,880.00
2. Regulatory finances United States $ 896,552,000.00
3. AXA France $ 843,323,040.00
4. Berkshire Hathaway United States $ 817,729,000.00
5. Nippon Life insurance company Japan $ 742,784,884.00
6th MetLife Inc. United States $ 740,463,000.00
7. Legal & General Group Plc. United Kingdom $ 735,409,869.00
8. Ping an insurance policy China $ 708,648,924.00
9. Japan Post Insurance Co. Japan $ 664,743,783.00
10. China life insurance China $ 646,493,671.00

1. alliance SE

Based in Munich, Germany, with $ 1.1 billion in non-bank assets, alliance is a Financial group that offers Financial services worldwide. The worldwide subsidiaries include alliance Life insurance company of North America with headquarters in Minneapolis. alliance is # 24 on Forbes' 2,000-year global rankings in 2021, which ranked the 2,000 largest publicly traded companies worldwide.

2. Regulatory finances

Regulatory finances has locations worldwide and uses three major divisions: its U.S. division Retirement Solutions & Investment Management, its Individual Life & Group Insurance Division and its International Insurance Division. Prudential operates in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

3. AXA

With global activities, AXA is a multifunctional conglomerate that offers real estate and Accident insurance, Group and individual life insurance, and asset management. Coming from a reciprocity insurer 1958 in Normandy, today AXA has 153,000 employees in 54 countries and 105 million customers.

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway has the financial ability to handle very large and long-standing debt and to close transactions quickly. Berkshire Hathaway Life is part of Berkshire Hathaway reinsurance Group. reinsurance is when insurer share the risk of large policies with others insurer to minimize the risk

5. Nippon Life insurance company

Founded in 1889, Nippon Life insurance company is the tallest Japanese Life insurance company. It is an asset management group and insurance company operating in Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States.

6th MetLife Inc.

MetLife offers a variety of Insurance coverage, including hospital liability insurance, home and car insurance, pet insurance, and group variable universal life Insurance. MetLife operates in more than 40 markets worldwide.

7. Legal & General Group Plc.

Established in the UK, Legal and General Insurance offers Life insurance products since 1836. Today, as an international provider, it offers solutions for old-age provision for companies and private individuals.

8. Ping an insurance policy

What began as Ping An Insurance Company in 1988 is Ping An today Insurance group from China, a leading retail company Financial services Group. It is China's largest insurer, Offer life and Health insurance, Property and Accident insurance, Banking and asset management.

9. Japan Post Insurance Co.

Japan Post Insurance Co. is a young Japanese insurance company founded in 2007. As part of the Japan Post Holdings group, it offers understandable Life insurance products. The Japanese spelling of her name means "simple insurance".

10. China life insurance

China Life insurance company offers Pensions, Life insurance and health insurance. It operates internationally in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau. It ranks 32nd among Fortune's Global 500 companies in 2021.

The net premiums written are the gross premiums paid to a insurer for a certain time. AM. Preferablythe largest in the world insurer list also lists the insurance companies according to their net premiums booked. The following table shows the top 10 largest insurer according to their sum Life insurance premiums in 2019.

society Location Net written premiums 2019
UnitedHealth group United States $ 189,699,000.00
Ping an Ins group China $ 110,746,845.00
AXA France $ 101,144,960.00
China life Insurance group China $ 97,744,867.00
Kaiser Foundation United States $ 97,247,349.00
Anthem Inc. United States $ 94,730,000.00
alliance SE Germany $ 86,656,640.00
People’s Ins Co-Group China $ 74,419,774.00
General Italy $ 74,238,080.00
Centene Corporation United States $ 71,714,000.00

What are the top 10 worst Life insurance company?

As I said, the greatest Life insurance company may not be best for your needs. The worst Life insurance companies are not measured by their premiums, but by their behavior. Life insurance is regulated by the state. States set rules for insurance trading practices. Unfair claims settlement practices include non-prompt settlement of claims and enforcement Policyholder filing lawsuits for payment of claims, among other things.

States have disciplinary measures for insurer that violate the laws of the insurance industry. Almost all states follow the model laws of NAIC. the NAICThe Unfair Commercial Practices Act states that the agent should insurer Has engaged in unfair trading practices, the Commissioner serves that insurer a statement of the charges and an invitation to a hearing.

The American Association for Justice

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) provides training and advocacy for litigators. In early 2021, the AAJ published its top 10 list of the worst insurer based on his findings from examining court documents, SEC and FBI records, testimony from former insurance agents, and other reliable sources. The following insurer the top 10 AAJs are worst Life insurance companies.


In the 1990s, Allstate enlisted the help of the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The company suggested Allstate reduce insurance payments to the insured in order to increase their profit. Former Allstate Employees reported combative litigation methods aimed at rejecting claims at all costs. Allstate Received the highest fine in Maryland history for increasing premiums and changing policies without notifying them Policyholder. The fine was $ 18.6 million.


Unum Offers group Life insurance through employee provision packages. In 2003, the company's CEO was forced to leave the company due to controversy over his claims settlement practices. In the year 2005, Unum settled with 48 different commissioners from 48 states to deal with the delay and rejection policy. Unum reopened over 200,000 cases and paid $ 15 million.


AIG has a long track record of making more money on premiums than it pays in claims. Former employees alleged in court that AIG used all kinds of tactics to deny and delay claims. AIG& # 39; s antics also involve fraud, and in 2006 they paid $ 1.6 billion to settle the dues. Two years later, five of its executives were found guilty of fraud.

4th District farm

District farm has come under fire primarily because of the handling of property and casualty claims after Hurricane Katrina. The CEO of the engineering company that District farm used to assess claims from hurricane Katrina said he was asked to change reports when District farm did not agree. In 2007, the company agreed to reopen over 3,000 Hurricane Katrina damage and paid an additional $ 30 million in settlements.

5. Consecutive

Conseco's long-term care policies are aimed at older people who take out insurance later in life to cover the cost of assisted living. Conseco denied claims and delayed them knowing theirs Policyholder would die or be unable to fight for themselves. In 2008, the company was fined $ 2.3 million and had to pay $ 4 million for a refund.

6. Wellpoint / anthem

In 2004, Wellpoint Health Networks merged with Anthem Insurance, and in 2014 they changed their name to Anthem. Anthem offers group Life insurance through service packages for employees; However, it is one of the greatest health insurer. The company was fined $ 1 million after research found Wellpoint consistently terminated the policies of pregnant women and the chronically ill.

7. Farmers

Farmers offer several Types of life insurance, including term and universal life Insurance. It also offers real estate and Accident insurance. Farmers is one of the companies with the lowest scores for real estate and customer satisfaction Accident insurance. Incentive programs were introduced for reviewers who met the criteria for low entitlement payments. Farmers have been fined by several states for unfair claims settlement practices.

8th. UnitedHealth

UnitedHealth offers Life insurance products through corporate employer plans, but is primarily a Health insurance. It has been accused of constantly valuing profit higher than Policyholder by rejecting claims and delaying when the Policyholder‘The health was endangered. UnitedHealth paid a $ 4 million fine to Texas, which has instant pay laws.

9. Torch sign

Torchmark has admitted that the company was originally founded on fraud. Torchmark and its subsidiaries were aimed at low-income households across the south. It practiced unfair discrimination in a number of ways, including race-based underwriting. In 2006, a Torchmark subsidiary paid $ 6 million in a class action lawsuit for overcharging Black Policyholder.

10. Liberty Mutual

Offers from Liberty Mutual Pensions and term and Life insurance. It was largely accused of denying and delaying claims in hurricane-prone areas and northern states across the country, and policy waivers across the country. It has also been fined $ 2 million by Connecticut and $ 5.5 million by New York for bid rigging, despite admitting no guilt.

What is number 1 Life insurance company in the world?

Taking into account the findings from the NAIC and AM. Preferably, the biggest insurer are the ones with the most assets. And based on the findings of the AAJ, customer service and the rejection of claims have a certain priority Life insurer among the worst companies. UnitedHealth ranked as the largest company AM. Preferably& # 39; s largest Life insurer through direct rewards, but it's also on the AAJ list for being one of the worst companies for denying claims.

The number 1 Life insurer in the world can be determined by the amount of the company's assets and the amount of rewards it receives; But the customer experience is also a factor. Obligation to supervise Life ranks 4th on the NAICs biggest insurer through direct premium for life insurance in the US and number 2 AM. Preferably& # 39; s top worldwide insurer for non-bank assets.

Obligation to supervise Life receives 4 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs.com, 4.4 out of 5 stars on Reviews.com and receives 772 out of 1,000 in the JD Power Life Insurance Overall Customer Service Index Ranking 2020, which is just below the industry average. We rank with great assets and mostly positive customer service reviews Obligation to supervise Life as number 1 insurer.

frequently asked Questions

Who is the largest life insurer in the world?

The NAIC and A.M. Your best bet is to rank the largest life insurance companies based on premiums paid by policyholders and / or non-bank assets. AM. Best rates Allianz SE as the largest insurer in the world based on non-bank assets and UnitedHealth based on direct premiums booked.

Is a policy important with a major insurance company?

Choosing to take out life insurance with a major insurance company can help you feel more secure knowing that your insurer will have the option to pay your beneficiaries when you do. At the same time, some large insurers have poor claims payment history because they are interested in profit. It is important to consider an insurer's financial strength, but it shouldn't be more important than your needs and budget.

What is bad life insurance?

Life insurance companies are considered bad for unethical practices. States impose disciplinary action on insurers who violate regulations, such as: B. Unfair claims settlement practices and unfair discrimination.


Life insurance is a financial instrument that enables you and your loved ones to feel financially secure in the event of the death of your loved one. Go with a Life insurance company because it has the most assets it may seem logical, but it shouldn't outweigh the importance of the type of coverage you need and your ability to maintain the policy.

Let Insurify help you get to the point in your search for the right one Life insurance company. The choice of life insurance is so extensive that the search for the right policy can seem like an endless maze. Assure leads you with the right policy in the right direction to the right company.

Updated October 4, 2021

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