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In advanced countries and economies, auto insurance is imposed on the population by states and governments alike. This not only offers compliance, but also basic security such as financial protection in the event of breakdowns or accidents.

In other countries, auto insurance is not a norm, and the only way you can choose to go for it is to be in an accident and think about it in your wondrous death benefit.

Motor vehicle insurance is a binding contract between the insurer and the insured that protects against impending monetary dents. The cause of this loss of money can be a major or minor accident or a criminal offense such as theft.

After the occurrence of the event, the insurer is contractually obliged to compensate for the damage, as agreed in the agreement signed by both parties.

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There are many reasons why car insurance is essential, but the top nine reasons you should need it are explained below:

1. Insurance can compensate you if you are involved in an accident caused by someone else's negligence.

Injuries and physical impairment from fatal accidents are very common in road traffic accidents, and compensation should be the least that should be done. Without insurance, legal proceedings and lawsuits against the negligent or accused party would be required.

There is no guarantee of compensation, and there would be expensive legal fees and other fees, such as long waiting times. Auto insurances would provide quick response and repayment compared to the others.

2. Pay now, save later

Recurring insurance costs are a very small amount compared to high medical costs that you may incur later. There are many types of insurance that cover different deaths such as: Paying for insurance not only spreads the payment, but you and your family can save costs so you can focus on other needs.

3. Two for one – supplement to health insurance

Good and extensive auto insurance can cover other serious and expensive medical expenses such as dental work or other life saving procedures that are usually outside the scope of normal health insurance or coverage. The additional motor vehicle insurance for medical expenses cushions the violent blow that can occur anytime and anywhere.

4. Protect yourself, your family, and others around you

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, neither on the receiving nor on the other side. A good person would always want to protect his surroundings and others. A good car policy can protect not only the insured person but also the insured person's family through less lengthy litigation and quick compensation. Others around you can benefit as well, and you can also be blocked by the additional cost of a good auto policy.

5. Deserved peace of mind

Whether you drive your own car or your friend's, your auto insurance can have you covered. Even if your friend or someone else drives or has your car and is involved in an accident, your car would still be covered by your policy. This gives you peace of mind whether you or someone you left your car with is traveling on these difficult and busy roads. After all, money is about peace of mind.

6. Take advantage of bulk discounts

It is common knowledge that many versus one offer many advantages in terms of monetary benefits and added value. Likewise, an offer from a car insurer for a single vehicle may offer a higher price than an offer for multiple drivers or vehicles. Bulky tariffs offer additional savings if you are in logistics or any other business. Policies can be turned into savings by concluding collective agreements.

7. Increased Security – Additional benefits for installing anti-theft equipment

Insurance companies can offer cost savings of up to more than 20% if the insured person installs additional safety measures in his car. This not only offers additional measures that offer you and your family maximum security, but can also bring savings. Car alarm systems and LoJacks are devices that are often covered by vehicle policies.

8. Financial protection when you need it

Coverage such as liability insurance offers the insured enormous advantages in terms of financial security. If you are in a car accident and you are on the guilty side, you can bear the cost of any loss or step the other party takes. Costs such as legal fees for yourself, medical expenses for the affected person, incapacity income are some of the costs that can hinder your budget or other financial plans.

9. Protect leasing agents or leasing vehicles against their investment

For collision and fully comprehensive insurance, there is an optional gap insurance. If the insured's new car is stolen or if it is involved in an accident in which the vehicle is totaled, the insured is obliged to pay more than the depreciation of the car up to this point in time. Gap insurance helps to compensate for this difference in value, which in turn gives security to the leasing agent and the bank account of the insured staff.


For the reasons mentioned above, insurance is mandatory for every road user. Different types of coverage like property, health and casualty insurance offer much better value than their price. In addition to providing financial benefits, policies help protect the people you love and also help you respect and care for others around you.

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