AD: Take pleasure in as much as 30% financial savings once you join the Etiqa car insurance add-on Drive Much less Save Extra! – – Paul Tan & # 39; s Automotive Information

As more companies move to the home office culture, more and more people spend much less time behind the wheel. But wait a minute. Wouldn't it be nice to pay less insurance premiums because you don't cover as many kilometers as you used to?

This is exactly what Etiqa's innovative add-on "Drive Less Save More" is designed for. It's specially tailored to give you up to 30% off your insurance premiums depending on how much you drive.

The discounts are divided into three levels and are calculated on a daily basis as a percentage of your basic premium or your premium (excluding the no-claims discount).

Have you driven more than 28 km? That's fine, you are still in level 3 (29 to 42 km) which gives you a 0.027% daily discount. The nice thing about this insurance plan is that you are guaranteed to benefit from the daily discounts and are not tied to a fixed number of kilometers every day. Drive less today, save more today. You can drive a little more tomorrow, but there are still Tier 2 and 3 to fall back on.

The great thing about it is that you can make claims at any time and as often as you want during the entire insurance year!

The Drive Less Save More add-on is available when you take out new car insurance or renew car insurance. To qualify for the discounts, all you need to do is submit a photo of your license plate number and a photo of your odometer using the Etiqa Smile Mobile App.

You can upload your mileage as often as you like, with at least 10 days between uploads in order to receive the discounts. The mileage reading is used to determine the number of kilometers driven and to calculate the corresponding discount amount.

After your car insurance expires, you'll need to submit one final photo of your car's mileage. Don't worry, Etiqa will remind you by SMS three days before the expiry date. Small effort for big savings, right?

So the less you drive, the more you win. Simply select the “Drive less and save more” add-on at no additional cost when you sign up for your Etiqa motor vehicle insurance plan. You can contact your Etiqa General Insurance agents or click here for more information.

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