ADVERTISEMENT: SOMPO MotorSafe – a usage-based car insurance the place you save the extra the much less you drive – – Paul Tan & # 39; s Automotive Information

If you've driven your car less because of the pandemic, it may be time to switch to low-mileage auto insurance with comprehensive coverage.

The new SOMPO MotorSafe from Berjaya Sompo Insurance is one such product. The usage-based telematics vehicle insurance was specially developed for drivers with low mileage and offers the flexibility to pay according to the number of kilometers you drive.

Depending on how they use the vehicle, customers can choose from three different total mileage plans that cover up to 5,000 km, up to 10,000 km and up to 15,000 km annual mileage. Depending on the selected SOMPO MotorSafe tariff and the sum insured, you save between 5% and 50% of your premium compared to a SOMPO Motor basic premium.

How is the mileage determined? Well, at the beginning you need to submit a valid mileage photo of your car's mileage and from then on telematics will take over the monitoring. Every SOMPO MotorSafe Police comes with a Bluetooth-enabled, battery-operated SOMPO Tag, which is used in conjunction with a SOMPO MotorSafe app to easily track the number of kilometers the vehicle has been used.

The SOMPO Tag also offers safety assistance in the event of a car breakdown or an emergency. In such cases, it is sufficient for the driver to hold the button down for two seconds and the SOMPO Helpline will call the driver for assistance.

SOMPO MotorSafe covers loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accident, fire and theft, injury to third parties, death or property damage when you travel within the mileage of the selected tariff. Other benefits under the policy include 24-hour Rakan Auto-Assist, a 12-month repair guarantee, all driver and Special Perils covers (which cover up to RM 10,000 or 20% of the sum insured, depending on which amount is lower).

Find out more – SOMPO MotorSafe is available nationwide from all of our agencies and branches.

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