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Agricultural employee contractor charged with competitors fraud – business insurance

A Stockton, Calif. Based contractor was charged Thursday on 15 cases of insurance fraud, large theft and tax evasion after allegedly undervaluing payroll by over $ 1 million.

In March 2019, the California Department of Insurance received a notice from an insurance company accusing Alfredo Casas of failing to report a payroll for his company, AC Farm Ag Inc., in order to receive a reduced rate for workers compensation insurance. His crimes allegedly resulted in significant losses to two insurance companies and the state indemnity insurance fund, according to the Ministry of Insurance.

A joint investigation and search warrant conducted by the Department of Insurance and the San Joaquin County District Attorney found the defendant failed to disclose payroll, previous insurance claims, and policy terminations, and failed to provide correct job descriptions for his employees, it said the documents.

Mr. Casas also ran his business under a different name for over two years, using fake insurance certificates, fake Department of Labor Relations Farming Permits, fake San Joaquin County farming permits, and documents he obtained from the State Labor and Employment Agency Workforce development had been obtained through fraud.

Mr Casas was convicted in 2012 of similar fraud charges in which his company was found uninsurable by the sovereign wealth fund. Mr Casas continued his business after allegedly renaming and restructuring his company by adding family members as officers, which enabled him to obtain new insurance policies for employee compensation.

Mr Casas is slated to return to court on February 10, 2022 for further indictment. The case is being prosecuted by the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office.

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