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Allstate and USAA are reputable auto insurance providers with years of experience. USAA was founded in 1922 and Allstate dates back to 1931. Today, both airlines have popular advertising campaigns to keep and grow business. Read on for our comparison of these two insurance carriers.

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Allstate and USAA coverage

Allstate and USAA are two respected insurers with different approaches to business. Allstate works to find individual solutions through local agents to meet the needs of a region. USAA serves only service members, veterans and their spouses and children. Still, USAA has a large network of more than 13 million members.

Both USAA and Allstate offer popular types of auto insurance, such as liability, collision, fully comprehensive, personal injury, and uninsured and underinsured auto insurance.

USAA offers accident forgiveness coverage, which means you will have less to worry about your pay rise if you are involved in an accident. This cover can be purchased as an add-on. After five years of accident-free driving, the benefit will automatically be included in your policy.

Unlike some other auto insurers, Allstate offers additional sound system insurance in case your vehicle's custom audio equipment is damaged or stolen.

Average USAA and Allstate insurance rates

For most drivers, premium cost is high on the list of considerations when purchasing insurance. However, this shouldn't be your only consideration before signing any policy.

USAA is hailed by some as a premium auto insurance option with affordable rates. According to research by The Zebra, the average USAA policy is $ 106 per month, which is lower than most carriers' plans.

Allstate isn't known for its low prices, but some consumers argue that you get what you pay for. The Zebra calculates the average Allstate Premium for six months is $ 1,019, or $ 170 per month.

This table compares the average annual awards between USAA and Allstate by age group.

Age group USAA Allstate
Teenagers $ 3,336 $ 6,442
20s $ 1,548 $ 2,636
30s $ 1,140 $ 1,920
40s $ 1,104 $ 1,912
50s $ 1,044 $ 1,893
1960s $ 1,068 $ 1,768

Source: the zebra

Premium discounts from Allstate and USAA

Allstate offers policyholders many ways to save:

  • New car discounts
  • Discounts for anti-lock brakes
  • Anti-theft equipment discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Paperless discounts
  • Early bird discounts

By bundling policies, considerable savings can be achieved. Additional savings through full-paying or automatic premium payments are possible.

USAA also offers discounts for good drivers, good students, and family packages. A saved vehicle discount is an unusual benefit, but is available to USAA policyholders. The advantage is aimed at deployed service employees and saves up to 60% when storing a vehicle safely for 30 days. If the storage location is on a military base, an additional discount of 15% is granted.

Savings in telematics programs

Allstate offers two telematics programs that offer policyholders another way to save money. Participating in Drivewise and Milewise can lead to savings based on driving habits and statistics.

Drivewise is not a direct discount. Rather, it offers drivers the opportunity to reduce their premium by up to 30% when they renew, by practicing good driving behavior. The system monitors driving behavior such as speed, braking and driving hours. Milewise monitors the distance traveled and can be an advantageous option for drivers with multiple vehicles, short journeys or those who rarely use their car.

USAA also has a similar telematics program called SafePilot.

Allstate and USAA customer satisfaction ratings

A survey by J.D. Auto Insurance Company Satisfaction Power from 2021 provides insights into customer satisfaction in key areas:

  • Car insurance costs
  • Policy offers
  • Billing process and policy information
  • Customer interactions
  • Allegations

Like most insurance companies, Allstate receives mixed ratings for its service. It deserves praise – and sometimes criticism – for its claim process and response.

USAA receives many positive reviews praising its customer service. Comments usually highlight the airline's low fares and attentive representatives. However, not everyone can experience the USAA. It is available in 42 states and only to members of the U.S. military, including veterans and family members.

Which one has better financial condition, USAA or Allstate?

Allstate and USAA demonstrate "excellent" financial strength of A.M. Preferably. These ratings show that both companies are financially stable and able to meet their claim obligations.

Allstate vs. USAA: Which Is Better For You?

There are many factors to consider when choosing between Allstate and USAA for auto insurance. USAA gets a lot of praise from customers, but membership restrictions can prevent you from signing a policy with them. However, Allstate has thousands of agents across the country. This gives policyholders the opportunity to receive personalized service from a local agent.

Anyone who decides on a new insurance provider has to do a lot of research. Choose the company and coverage levels that best suit your needs. It is important that you get a quote from multiple carriers and understand what is covered before signing a new insurance policy.

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