American Household Renters Insurance: Is This The Finest Alternative For You? (2021)

When you read the words "American Family Insurance" you can probably hear the ringing in your head. The Wisconsin-based company has been in existence for over 90 years. It is one of the most established insurance companies in the US and offers a range of insurance coverage – including tenant insurance.

Whether your landlord requires you to get rental deposit insurance or you're just looking for options to see if it makes sense for you, you should consider buying one tenant insurance from the American family. The product features customizable plans, rock-solid customer service, and a handy mobile app. The prices are good too.

American family insurance– often abbreviated as AmFam – was written in one of J.D. Power carried out an evaluation of the customer satisfaction of tenant insurance companies in the top group. This is not an easy task in a crowded market and an industry that frustrates customers Claims process. But before you get too excited, make sure you live in one of the 19 states that AmFam offers tenant insurance.

The tenant insurance should give you Peace of mind. But to be really comfortable with your policy, you should search the industry far and wide to make sure you have the best price. Fortunately, Assure can help you do this for free in just minutes with a quote comparison tool designed to help you do this save money. Try it now!

American family renter insurance: The basics

American Family is a great option for renters as it has extensive customer service resources, accessible deals, and American family insurance representative. It's also tech-friendly: the MyAmFam app is a place where customers can connect with agents, find quotes, pay bills, and view documents in one place.

But when the time comes, one Insurance claim, that's where American family insurance want to be the best. In the event that you do make a claim, the company offers 24/7 phone support, the ability to file your claim online, and a claims specialist to work with your local contact person to handle your case American family insurance agentthat you would ideally already know.

This attention to customer service, especially in relation to the Claims process, this is where AmFam tries to differentiate itself from others insurer. If you have a Car insurance AmFam customer, you can also sign up for a Bundling Discount.

What does Insurance coverage for American family renters?

The typical awaits you at American Family Insurance coverage options according to industry standard. It starts with a core set of basic Coverage options and with Add-ons which will help your Insurance coverage for tenants for your special needs.

Personal liability insurance: An important part of each tenant insurance covers Medical bills resulting from personal injury sustained by you or a visitor to your rental property. Think of a bad burn from a baking accident or a broken wrist from a slip in the shower.

Personal property protection: As a tenant, you do not own the walls or the floor of the apartment in which you live, everything that you have brought with you belongs to you. That's what Personal property protection is intended for protection. Events such as theft, Property damage of vandalism, and natural disasters are the types of covered losses under Personal property protection.

Many do not know that Personal property protection on one tenant insurance travels with you. This means that your belongings are insured whether they are damaged or stolen Within your apartment. If you lose things frequently, this is another reason to consider rental deposit insurance.

American family insurance refunds the full amount Replacement costs Your belongings, which often incur additional costs or are not available to others Insurance companieswhich only reimburses you for the current value of the lost or damaged items.

Loss of use protection: Any standard tenant insurance, including AmFam's guidelines, provides the so-called Loss of usage coveragethat your reimbursed additional living expenses if you ever have to vacate your apartment and temporarily live elsewhere.

Fire and natural disasters are common examples of a covered event that would be covered by your policy, but make sure you speak to your agent and find out exactly what is and is not covered.

Identity theft protection: Credit card fraud and other forms of Identity theft are also covered Tenant insurance. It may seem a bit random, but it adds a nice amount of measure. added Peace of mind. Theft of your identity can be a time-consuming and costly debacle. So when you are so unlucky, it can be good to know you have support.

In addition to this standard list of guidelines, American family insurance offers six Add-ons, optional cover that you can buy to meet certain requirements. This includes the cover for valuable items, such as jewelry and watches, and electronics which can fail for electrical or mechanical reasons.

Two Add-ons can spice you up Liability insurance. One takes care of you Pet insurancewho reimburses veterinary bills and liability for covered events. Another protects you from Personal injurythat sounds like medical expenses but actually refers to things like defamation and defamation, wrongful arrest or eviction, and other legal confusion.

American Family Tenant Insurance also offers Add on Travel protectionthat can help with foreign health insurance and travel cancellation, as well as extra Business coverage if you own your own business and work from home.

Special offers and discounts

Discounts on tenant insurance of American family insurance are abundant. To chop them off Tenant insurance costsIt can help to buy from a company that sells Car insurance also so that you can benefit from it Bundling Politics together too save money. This is an important advantage of AmFam.

AmFam is promoting it Bundling“You could save an average of 29 percent on your car insurance and 15 percent on your rental insurance.” But that's not a guarantee. Coverage and price range significant depending on location and other factors.

American family insurance rewards customers with discounts if they a. to install Smart home security System and if you pay the bill in full instead of monthly Autopay, or go paperless.

As a company steeped in tradition with generations of customers, American Family gives something back if you remain loyal to them over the years long term. They have discounts for young adults whose parents are also members of the American family, and they lower your price after you've been on one for a year tenant insurance.

Where does American Family offer tenant insurance?

Only residents of 19 states have access to American Family Tenant Insurance. These states are:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

American family renter insurance reviews

American family insurance is a real middle class insurance company with solid reviews from A.M. Best and the Better Business Bureau. That's something you can rely on insurer in order – as for almost a century – to remain in good standing for the duration of your policy to settle your claims.

J.D. power n / A
best in the morning A
BBB (Better Business Office) A

American family renter insurance Customer ratings

The overall customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power in 2020 were referred to as that of the American Family Insurance coverage for tenants a top five company to work with. There are always horror stories online about that Claims settlement, written by offended customers, but for such a large company with a long history, the number of complaints is low.

For better or worse, AmFam works through local agents to offer their insurance. So when you are negotiating your policy and making your claims, you are calling your agent, not a corporate hotline.

Average cost of American family renter insurance

Tenant Insurance premiums Average of about $ 15 per month across the industry. So if you're paying more you might want to look around. American Family prices are about this average, but discounts across multiple policies yours Car insurance premium With Homeowner insurance and other products can help you beat that rate.

Positives and negatives of American family renter insurance

AmFam brings a lot to the table. Here's a breakdown of what you might consider:



Great customer service: You work with a local agent and benefit from an all-round service with several contact points for processing your claim and a well-checked customer team. 19 states only: New Englanders, Californians, and New Yorkers in particular are missing out on the chance to get insurance from AmFam, and frequent travelers may be reluctant to sign up.
Packages & Discounts: With a Smart home discount, a discount only for paperless billing, and bundles for Homeowner insurance and other guidelines, you are in a good position to save when you go all-in at AmFam. Prices could be better: Even if discounts are available, you can probably pay lower if you don't have a car Insurance premiums elsewhere.
Solid cover: Tenant insurance is for Peace of mind if something The unexpected happened. You don't want the surprises to become loopholes in your insurance policy, and with AmFam you can count on having comprehensive coverage Add-ons adapt to your needs. Agents play a big role: If you're not interested in working with a local agent in person, AmFam is not for you.

Is American Family Tenant Insurance right for me

American Family Tenant Insurance is a solid option for a number of customers. If you have a car or other apartment to bundle your policy together, you are a particularly good candidate. But for anyone looking for a decent policy and good pricing with an agent to call for questions and help, AmFam is well worth a look.

How to get a quote for American family renter insurance

You can make a quote online with American Family, but you will also be asked to call 1 (800) MYAMFAM to find an agent or make a quote.

American family renter insurance Contact information

Department Contact
phone 1 (800) MYAMFAM
Mailing address 6000 American Parkway
Madison, WI 53783
Online chat

frequently asked Questions

Should I Get American Family Tenant Insurance?

American Family Renters insurance is affordable, has great customer service and will meet almost any insurance requirement.

What specials and discounts does American Family Tenant Insurance offer?

AmFam offers discounts on paperless billing and home security equipment, as well as packages when you combine other insurance products.

How can I compare insurance offers quickly and easily?

Insurify's quote comparison engine is the best way to get quotes from across the rental insurance industry for free. In just a few minutes you can see prices across the market and make sure you are getting the best possible price.

How to find the best and cheapest Offers for tenant insurance

It may sound surprising, but tenant insurance is a dynamic, developing industry with a lot of competition. Hence, it is important to look around before buying. But who wants to contact a dozen companies and get quotes from all of them?

Therefore Assure is such an indispensable service. In just a few minutes, without paying a dime, you can view offers from the top companies and start your insurance purchase on the right foot.

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