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You can find these standard types of coverage in an American homeowners policy:

  • Housing coverage pays to repair damage or replace your home structure and attached structures (like a porch) due to issues covered by the policy, such as fires and tornadoes.
  • Covering other structures pays off for repairing and replacing free-standing structures such as sheds, fences or gazebos.
  • Personal property protection pays to repair or replace damaged and stolen personal items such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and carpets.
  • Liability insurance pays for property damage and injury that you accidentally inflict on someone else, such as a houseguest who slips on a wet floor. Liability insurance also covers legal defense in the event that you are sued for an accident.
  • Additional coverage for living expenses pays for additional expenses you incur as a result of an issue covered by your policy, such as: B. a fire, can no longer live at home. This includes hotel bills, restaurant meals, and other services such as laundry or animal boarding.

The American Family home contents insurance supplements include:

  • Extended or guaranteed replacement cost coverage. Both are good options in the event that local construction costs increase, which often happens after extensive damage to an area. The extended replacement cost coverage offers a certain percentage of additional coverage above the sum insured for your home. The guaranteed replacement cost coverage, which provides the necessary costs for the construction of a new house in unlimited amounts, is even better.
  • Device failure Covers the failure of electrical, mechanical, and pressure systems for devices such as large appliances, home systems, and smart home devices.
  • Matching side protection It pays to swap out undamaged siding for repaired siding if your home is damaged due to an issue covered by your policy like a tornado.
  • Decreasing deductible Immediately adds a $ 100 credit to your deductible and an additional $ 100 credit for each year that you are not eligible for home insurance.
  • Cover of sump pump and water reserve pays for damage to your home due to a sump pump overflowing or a water jam.
  • Credit theft protection and monitoring tracks your credit information and provides identity theft surveillance.
  • Hidden water damage cover pays for water damage caused by leaks in plumbing or household appliances (such as a dishwasher). This also pays off for wear and tear, corrosion and rust, as well as wear and tear.

American Family also sells tenant insurance, condominium insurance, prefabricated home insurance, and rental company insurance.

An umbrella insurance from American Family offers additional liability protection beyond the liability limits of your household contents insurance. Umbrella coverage can be applied to home contents insurance for a primary residence or a seasonal home.

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