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Legendary party boy Corey Worthington is back on your screens, but not this time for wanton property demolition or Australia's most infamous sunglasses.

He's back and stars in an ad for short-term home insurance that's definitely apt.

If you were alive and aware in 2008, Worthington's Melbourne house party and television interview that followed was a defining pop culture moment. Who can forget the fashionable combination of bright yellow hair, open, fur-lined camouflage jacket, nipple ring, snapback and round yellow sunglasses in the interview? More of that, please, news channel.

In case your memory of deceased naughty people is somehow blurry, Corey Worthington threw a huge house party while his parents were away. He advertised it on MySpace and MSN – you know, the good old days of social media – before it became an endless cycle of terrible bad news and terribly hot people.

More than 500 people came to the party, the house and neighborhood were destroyed, the police were called (including a helicopter) but beer bottles were pelted, and it apparently ended up on A Current Affair.

In an interview with Leila McKinnon, asked Worthington to take off his glasses and apologize for the property damage caused by the party.

Worthington then replied, “Nah, no. I leave this on. I like her.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not taking off my glasses".

And so an icon was born.

Corey Worthington has now stepped back in public to star in an ad for ShareCover, a company that offers flexible insurance for short-term homes like AirBnBs and vacation rentals.

According to Brent Smart, Chief Marketing Officer of IAG (owned by ShareCover), the company partnered with Worthington because of "his firsthand experience of throwing an epic house party".

I'm honest, he's not wrong.

The advertisements show Worthington giving a “DisasterClass” on protecting short-term rented houses from imminent destruction. Straight from the horse's mouth etc. etc.

I have a big problem with the video. Worthington's glasses are completely wrong. You're not even anywhere near the Professor Trelawney-style sunglasses he wore in the OG video. It's all in the details folks.

In addition to starring in ads for insurance companies, he was a contestant on the 2008 Big Brother season and Ninja Warrior 2018 season, revealing the true diversity of the Australian reality television market.

However, his party days are still clearly close to his heart because his insta handle is @partyboy_c_worthington. Well, my friends, you know your personal brand.

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