Auto decide publishes listing of Four causes individuals shouldn't add a second car to their present auto insurance coverage –

Baltimore, MD, September 24, 2021 – ( – Most households today have more than one car and it is no longer just married couples who drive them. Kids who are just 18 years old now drive to high school and college, so families have to decide how to insure all of these cars.

While the most common way to insure additional cars is to simply add them to the main policy, it may not be the best or financially cheapest method. It's pretty obvious that more cars, more drivers, especially drivers under the age of 25, will have a big impact on auto insurance rates. So what better way to insure multiple cars and multiple drivers?

"This is the time when the adults really need to have a long conversation with their insurance agent, discussing all the scenarios and all the options," said Martin Thomas, Senior Editor, Car Insurance Judge. "It can make sense to put several cars under one policy, or, depending on the options available, preferably different policies. This is where a good insurance broker earns its money."

Car Insurance Judge has come up with a list of 4 reasons people shouldn't add extra cars to their main insurance policy:

1. The other car does not belong to any member of the household.
2. The cars need different types of insurance coverage.
3. The cars are company or utility vehicles.
4. The additional car is a classic car.

"The worst mistake people can make is outsmarting their insurance company because if God forbids something bad and they don't deal directly with their insurer, they could get into a major legal battle," said Thomas. "When in doubt, people should speak to their insurance agent and make sure everything is legal. Your bank account will thank them."

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