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Auto-Owners Insurance was founded in 1916 and provides insurance for nearly 3 million insurance members. Auto-Owners, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, is the 12th largest home insurance company in the country.

Homeowner insurance for car owners includes the types of insurance you would find in a typical home insurance policy:

  • Housing coverage pays off to repair or replace your home and its attached buildings (like a patio) due to issues covered by your policy (such as a fire).
  • Covering other structures pays off in repairing or replacing freestanding structures on your property, such as B. a fence, shed or garage.
  • Personal property protection pays to have your personal effects repaired or replaced if they are stolen or damaged by a problem covered by your policy, such as: B. water damage caused by a burst pipe.
  • Liability insurance pays for personal injury and property damage to others. For example, if you accidentally hit a golf ball through your neighbour's picture window.
  • Additional coverage for living expenses pays for expenses such as restaurant meals, pet boarding, and hotel bills when you cannot live in your home due to an issue covered by your policy.

You can customize your home insurance with optional coverage types such as:

  • Guaranteed home exchange costs If the cost of replacing your home exceeds your insurance limits, this coverage will cover the full cost of rebuilding your home.
  • Specialized protection of personal property provides more protection for personal items such as misplaced or lost items, defaced or stained items.
  • Homeowner Plus is a package of coverage types that address issues such as equipment leaks and food spoilage from power outages.
  • Reimbursement of costs in the event of identity theft pays up to $ 15,000 in identity restoration expenses.
  • Water backflow from canals or drains pays for damage to your home (such as furniture, walls, floors, and electrical systems) when it becomes damaged due to a water build-up.
  • Regulation or law coverage It pays to keep you updated if local laws or regulations require your property to be built, demolished, or repaired.
  • Device failure covers mechanical and electrical failures of devices such as heating, air conditioning, computers and large appliances.

Auto-Owners sells several types of home insurance, including home, condo, tenant, rental, and RV.

Do you need additional liability protection for your family? You can take out umbrella insurance with car owners, which offers you liability protection beyond the limits of household insurance.

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