Automobile insurance: are you able to enhance your car for Christmas? – Wandsworth Guard

WITH Christmas celebrations in full swing, many of us have put up our Christmas trees and lit our houses with twinkling lights.

However, price comparison company USwitch urges motorists not to decorate their vehicles this year and warns that doing so could void your auto insurance.

Last month, more than 3,240 Brits searched Google for "author's antlers" while a staggering 10,320 searched for "Christmas car decorations".

While Christmas car decorations can definitely add a festive mood to your engine, they can also void your insurance policy, Uswitch warns, as companies can refuse to pay damages if you're involved in an accident.

This is because the decoration of a car is considered a vehicle modification.

Companies are voiding insurance coverage because enhancing the aesthetics of a vehicle can make the car more attractive to thieves and criminals.

It could also mean that your car insurance premiums would go up as the likelihood that you would have a policy would also go up.

Uswitch warns that anything from snowflake stickers to tinsel could jeopardize the agreement. So it might be worth keeping the festive decorations just around your home.

An ABI spokesperson said, "Insurers don't want to play Scrooge, and a little tinsel in your car won't invalidate your auto insurance.

“But don't overdo it and do anything that could compromise your safety, such as decorations that could obstruct your view, and always make sure that all decorations comply with the law.

"If you are not sure about changes, contact your insurer."

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