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Car insurance is required when purchasing a vehicle to protect you from financial liability in the event that you are found to be at fault in an accident. It is also an important tool to help cover repair costs in the event that your vehicle is damaged by incidents such as impact with another vehicle or object, or by fire, theft, or vandalism.

Numerous factors influence the average cost of auto insurance, including the make and model of your vehicle. And while your rating factors like age, driving history, geographic location, and vehicle type may be the same for every quote you get, auto insurers calculate different premiums based on their proprietary rating algorithms. For this reason, you pay a different tariff with each insurer.

Bankrate evaluated premium data from Quadrant Information Services to determine the average annual auto insurance premiums by vehicle make and model. Before choosing car insurer for your Land Rover, consider the following average costs based on the Land Rover model you have chosen.

Car insurance for Land Rover: by model

Land Rover car insurance Average annual fully comprehensive premium
Land Rover Discovery $ 2,167
Land Rover Range Rover $ 2,657
Land Rover Range Rover Velar $ 2,056
Land Rover Sport $ 1,932

Cheapest car insurance for Land Rover Discovery

The average annual insurance cost for a Land Rover Discovery is pretty good considering it's a high-end vehicle. The cheapest minimum coverage can be found at Amica and USAA for the Land Rover Discovery. Currently, the average annual premiums at these insurers are $ 345 and $ 359, respectively.

For full coverage, USAA and Amica offer the cheapest rewards based on the airlines reviewed by Bankrate. USAA offered the cheapest price at an annual rate of $ 1,449, but since USAA only covers current and retired military personnel, not all drivers are eligible for USAA insurance. So, with an average annual premium of $ 1,608 for the Land Rover Discovery, Amica may be an option worth considering.

Each company in the list below has been selected from Bankrate's list of the best auto insurance companies due to high customer satisfaction ratings and low premiums. If you are looking for car insurance for Land Rover Discovery HSE, your premium may be slightly higher due to the higher specifications of the HSE.

Car insurance Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for fully comprehensive insurance
USAA $ 359 $ 1,449
Geico $ 387 $ 1,998
District farm $ 420 $ 1,763
Erie $ 430 $ 2,047
Amica $ 345 $ 1,608

Cheapest car insurance for Land Rover Range Rover

USAA, Geico, and Amica all offer similar minimum coverage rates for Range Rover owners. The same goes for the full coverage rates, except that State Farm should also be considered very competitive. While Erie charges a little more than its peers on this list, it offers a number of discounts that policyholders can potentially take advantage of.

Car insurance Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for fully comprehensive insurance
USAA $ 390 $ 2,008
Geico $ 394 $ 2,124
District farm $ 438 $ 2,272
Erie $ 430 $ 2,406
Amica $ 345 $ 1,830

Cheapest car insurance for Land Rover Range Rover Velar

According to Bankrate's analysis, you can get similar auto insurance rates for a Range Rover Velar from the auto insurers listed below. However, each insurer offers slightly different coverage options that may be better suited to your needs. It is therefore worthwhile to obtain several offers, even if the average annual premiums of these five insurers are similar. And some of these insurers may have special discounts that can lower your premiums even further.

Car insurance Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for fully comprehensive insurance
USAA $ 354 $ 1,432
Geico $ 387 $ 1,682
District farm $ 467 $ 1,742
Erie $ 430 $ 1,832
Amica $ 345 $ 1,532

Cheapest car insurance for Land Rover Sport

The insurance for a Land Rover Discovery Sport is comparable to the models mentioned above. Each of the companies listed below offer similar pricing. If you are eligible for USAA, you may find the cheapest rates available. If not, the next cheapest option might be Amica based on the airlines reviewed. Remember, this is just the average amount that Land Rover Sport drivers pay for any business. You can very well find a cheaper price at one of the other companies. Always look around before you make up your mind.

Note: When you get auto insurance for the Range Rover Evoque, the starting price is similar to the Sport model, so prices are likely to be comparable.

Car insurance Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for fully comprehensive insurance
USAA $ 349 $ 1,375
Geico $ 390 $ 1,730
District farm $ 467 $ 1,602
Erie $ 430 $ 1,602
Amica $ 367 $ 1,480

Other vehicle insurance coverage for Land Rover

Almost every state has minimum requirements for car insurance. However, every vehicle owner should urgently consider additional insurance that goes beyond the minimum requirements of their state. If your vehicle is financed or leased, you will likely need to get fully comprehensive insurance, including fully comprehensive and collision protection.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your Land Rover from incidents such as theft, vandalism and fire. Should someone steal your vehicle, comprehensive insurance will help you pay for the replacement.

Collision protection covers repairs to your vehicle if you come across another vehicle or object such as a fence or a tree. Essentially, if your car is damaged while you are driving, collision insurance will likely help cover the repairs.

Even if your state doesn't require insurance for uninsured / underinsured motorists, every Land Rover owner should consider adding this insurance to their car policy. Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance will help you pay your medical bills and vehicle repairs if you are hit by a driver who does not have enough or no car insurance.

Should you have any questions about which coverage is best for you to insure your Land Rover, consider speaking with a licensed insurance agent to review your portfolio and decide which coverage you need


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2021 rates for all zip codes and airlines in all 50 states and Washington, DC Coverage Limits:

  • $ 100,000 personal injury liability per person
  • $ 300,000 liability per accident
  • $ 50,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $ 100,000 personal injury from an uninsured motorist per person
  • $ 300,000 personal injury to an uninsured driver per accident
  • $ 500 deductible in case of collision
  • $ 500 deductible

In order to set the minimum coverage limits, Bankrate has used minimum coverage that meets the requirements of the individual states. Our basic profile drivers own a 2019 Land Rover of the following models, commute five days a week and drive 12,000 miles a year:

  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Range Rover
  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar
  • Land Rover Sport

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes.

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