Based on T-Cellular, hackers have accessed information from one other 5.three million subscribers – Enterprise Insurance

(Reuters) – T-Mobile US Inc. said Friday that hackers accessed the personal information of an additional 5.3 million cellular customers, adding to the extent of a security breach that has affected millions of current, past and potential customers.

The data includes the address, date of birth and telephone numbers of the customers.

"Our investigations are ongoing and will continue for some time, but at this point we are confident that we have blocked access," the company said in a government application.

The third largest US wireless operator announced earlier this week that the personal data of more than 40 million former and potential customers along with data from 7.8 million existing wireless customers of T-Mobile had been stolen.

However, T-Mobile announced on Friday that 667,000 other accounts of former customers had been identified, whose names, phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth were retrieved by hackers.

T-Mobile also said the data breached on the additional 5.3 million postpaid users did not include any social security number or driver's license data.

The company's update comes after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission announced on Wednesday that it would investigate the data breach.

The company reiterated that it had no evidence that the data contained customer financial information, credit card information, debit or other payment information.

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