Baton Rouge Flood Insurance: Full Information for Householders in 2021

Do i need flood insurance in Baton Rouge?

Yes, flood insurance is extremely important in Baton Rouge.

Even if you haven't lived in Louisiana for a very long time, you have known that flooding is a way of life. Hurricanes rock the coast, tidal and river waters rise regularly, putting homes and belongings across the state at risk.

Indeed it is United States National Coordination Unit for Disaster Relief (FEMA) has declared the entire state Louisiana to be a Flood zone. That means that no matter where you live in the state, you have a chance to survive Flood damage. You don't have to live near a body of water for your property to flood – flooding can also be caused by rain, poor drainage systems, or a broken water pipe. However, since the Mississippi River is practically the entrance door to the Baton Rouge, it's especially important for people in Louisianas capital to think about flood insurance.

LouisianaThe rainy summers and falls can flood your property even if it has never been flooded before. Explore your options with our how-to guide Take out flood insurance in Baton Rouge.

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Do I need flood insurance in Baton Rouge?

Flood insurance coverage is not required by law in Louisiana. However, mortgage Lender may require Property owner in High risk areaslike along the bayou or near the Mississippi to buy it to qualify for a state mortgage.

Flood damage are incredibly common in Louisiana. 2016 more Flood damage were submitted Louisiana than the next three states combined. Why? because Louisiana is one of the wettest states in the country with an average of 60 inches of rain per year. and Baton Rouge is certainly no exception. the Flood risk In this state, flood insurance makes flood insurance a necessity even if you live in an area that is not considered to be high risk Flood zone.

Why is Flood Insurance in Louisiana necessary? because Home insurance do not cover any damage Flood. Home insurance expressly exclude Flood damage from standard Home insurance So you need a separate policy to cover this.

Baton Rouge Flood zones

In Baton Rouge and the River Parishes, most people live a few feet above sea level, which means storms can put you at even greater risk of flooding. Lots of quarters in Baton Rouge and surroundings are indicated by FEMA as special flood risk areas, or Floodplains at higher risk than other areas.

However, Floodplains do not need to be near a water source – flooding can occur anywhere it rains, especially if it is relatively low compared to surrounding houses.

What is covered with Baton Rouge Flood insurance?

There are two types of flood insurance: Building coveragethat covers your home, and Content coveragethat protects your personal property. The building portion of the cover usually includes things like:

  • Structure and foundation
  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Major air conditioners, stoves, and heaters
  • Large appliances such as washing machines and dryers, refrigerators and stoves
  • Dirt removal for flood remediation
  • Carpet that is permanently installed over an unfinished floor

Content coverage covers your personal possessions such as:

  • clothing
  • furniture
  • electronics
  • Smaller and portable devices not covered by the Building coverage
  • Carpeting that is laid over a finished floor

What is not covered with Baton Rouge Flood insurance?

Flood insurance only covers damage caused directly by floods. That is, if your sewer is dammed back due to a flood, the damage will be covered, but if the sewer congestion is not caused by flood, the damage will not be covered.

These items are usually not covered by flood insurance either:

  • Temporary living and additional Livelihood incurred because your home is being repaired
  • Property outside the home, such as your hot tub or tub swimming pool
  • Financial losses due to business interruption
  • Valuable papers such as currency or share certificates
  • cars
  • Personal property that you keep in the basement

What is it? Flood insurance costs in Baton Rouge?

The average price of flood insurance through the National flood insurance program (NFIP) in Louisiana is $ 726 a year, but looking at the average can be misleading. That's because many factors play a role Flood insurance tariffs, the amounts that people deposit Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans will all be different.

For example the most expensive place in Louisiana to Take out flood insurance Denham Springs is where Policyholder pay an average of $ 1,209 per year. The cheapest place is St. Bernard Parish at $ 527 per year. Baton Rouge is right in the middle with an average annual cost of $ 686.

Your specific premiums may be higher or lower than the premium based on the following factors:

  • Your area Flood risk
  • Height of your home in relation to nearby bodies of water
  • Distance to nearby waters
  • Flood protection factors nearby, such as levees
  • The type of coverage you are buying
  • the Deductible You choose
  • The height of the building and / or Content coverage you choose
  • The construction and age of your home
  • What is the lowest level of your house

For example, if your house and your neighbor's house are on the same level but have a basement and you don't, they'll pay more than you for flood insurance.

How to get one Flood Insurance Policy in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Homeowner have two options for flood insurance: private insurer or NFIP flood insurancethat is regularly sold by Insurance agents but supported by the Federal government. Your mortgage Lender may have certain restrictions on the type of cover you can buy. For example, if you have an FHA loan, you may need to buy NFIP Cover.

National flood insurance program (NFIP)

the National flood insurance program is managed by FEMA and has existed for more than five decades. It has two types of Homeowner Policies – one covers the apartment or building itself and the other covers the contents or personal property. NFIP The insurance offers coverage up to a maximum of $ 250,000 for each individual building and up to $ 100,000 for personal items. The sums insured are the same regardless of where you live in the country.

NFIP flood insurance offers are calculated according to a formula derived from. was developed FEMA, every company that sells NFIP Insurance services get the same price – no need to get multiple quotes NFIP Insurance as with other insurance products.

That is also important to know NFIP The insurance cover has a waiting period of 30 days. That means you can't wait for a hurricane to hit, buy a policy at the last minute, and expect to be covered. Learn more about NFIP Insurance at Flutsmart.govern.

Private flood insurance

Private insurer are another option for Louisiana Homeowner. On the plus side, they usually have other coverage options that aren't included in NFIP Insurance, such as higher coverage amounts. Their premiums are also usually lower than that NFIP Insurance, though one reason is that it is private insurer does not write guidelines in High risk areas, where the NFIP is the only game in town.

With a private insurance policy, you may also be able to get extra coverage for things like temporarily Livelihood, Coverage of the basement and swimming pool Repair.

frequently asked Questions

When should I get flood insurance in Baton Rouge?

Louisiana gets its most flooding during the summer and fall, so make sure you get your flood insurance early. That way, it will be effective when you are most likely to need it.

My house is worth more than the NFIP will cover. What should I do?

Contact a private carrier to see if there are other coverage options in your area. Some private flood insurances have higher coverage limits available.

I do not own my house. Can I still take out flood insurance?

Yes indeed! Tenants (and business owners) can also purchase flood insurance. You can obtain further information from a flood insurance company.

Be prepared for Louisiana Floods

Floods are part of life in Louisiana, so it is important to be prepared. Instead of hoping it never happens to you Take out flood insurance Now you know you are protected in an emergency. It's a small price to pay to protect your home, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair after a flood.

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Updated August 30, 2021

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