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How can young drivers pay less for car insurance? Compulsory car insurance for young drivers is always a huge cost. The lack of deserved discounts and inexperience in driving are always risky factors for the insurance company that drive up the price. What should you do in this case?

As a rule, young car owners are in a much more difficult situation than more experienced drivers who have been driving on Polish roads for many years and who take out liability insurance. First, let's look at who the young driver really is. In general, we can assume that a young driver must be 18 years old, but when does young driver end? Everything depends on the individual assessment of the insurer. As a rule, we can assume that the maximum number of insurers will indicate that a person under the age of 30 can be considered a young driver.

Liability insurance for young drivers

The basis is compulsory car insurance in Poland. The purchase is necessary when you become the owner of the car. It is important to know that the scope of liability insurance is the same in every insurance company, so that the services offered by the insurer in the context of motor liability insurance do not differ. The price difference may be due to the different weighting of factors that are taken into account in driver insurance.

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Undoubtedly, the lack of driving experience is a very important factor as it is associated with a higher risk of accidents or collisions. The youngest road users in motor vehicles represent the most numerous group that causes dangerous traffic situations.

Due to the inexperience mentioned above, such drivers also lose the fact that they will not receive discounts for years of damage-free driving. What else should you watch out for? If a young driver decides to buy a car, he should pay close attention to the make and year of manufacture as well as the cubic capacity – Beesafe experts explain.

Compulsory car insurance

Large displacement cars have greater potential to develop high speeds and therefore may pose a greater risk on the road. You should also consider where we register our vehicle, as a car registered in large cities with high traffic usually has a higher premium than those used in smaller towns or villages.

Young drivers often choose a car with someone who is more experienced, and thanks to them, the premium for annual vehicle liability insurance coverage is lower. However, it should be remembered here that in the event of an accident or a traffic collision, the discounts for years of damage-free driving for more experienced people will no longer apply and the next liability insurance will be much more expensive for both of them. One way to save on the OC premium is to use an online calculator.

Beesafe car insurance calculator – so that you already know the price

You only have to provide 2 pieces of information, namely the license plate number of your car and your date of birth. The computer does the rest. After a short time you will receive an offer for the liability insurance premium for the next 12 months of insurance cover.

It's time to say goodbye to multi-page forms with detailed data. With the simple Beesafe car insurance calculator, you can take out car liability insurance online. As part of this online service, you can optionally take out additional insurance, thanks to which the insurance company will take over the inspection and repair of the car.

In addition, customers expect attractive premiums for taking out liability insurance. Don't pay too much and find out the price today!

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