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Your car insurance is an important document and should be with you every time you drive. You have to follow various rules and regulations in order to get and maintain auto insurance. There can be many factors that can force an insurance company to terminate your car insurance. Here are some of the most common:

  1. You did not renew your insurance in time.

If you Take out car insurance, the period of validity is 1 to 3 years depending on the type of policy. After this period you must have it renewed, otherwise the policy will become invalid and you can no longer assert any claims.

  1. You did not provide correct information when purchasing the policy.

If the insurance company detects a discrepancy between the key information you provide when you take out the policy and when you make a claim, they will reject your claim and void your policy. This is a fraud prevention measure.

  1. You did not declare any changes to your vehicle when purchasing the policy or when changing.

The most common case here is retrofitting a CNG kit in a gasoline engine. When installing a CNG kit in your car, you will need to inform the RTO and your insurance company and obtain a new PUC certificate.

If you do not notify the insurance company of the changes and have them noted on your car insurance, it will be invalid.

  1. You used a private vehicle for commercial purposes.

When you buy a white license plate car, you are registering it for personal use and the resulting auto insurance will serve that purpose as well. If you ever drive this vehicle for commercial purposes, your insurance policy will be void.

Commercial vehicles have to follow much stricter standards and rules in many ways. Their insurance policies have different prices too, so a personal vehicle policy is not intended for commercial use – it just voiding auto insurance.

  1. You have made an incorrect application in your insurance policy.

When you get auto insurance, you are looking for a way to cover any unexpected risk. However, incorrect information is often given to motor insurance companies for a variety of reasons. Corporations try to make sure everyone stays safe, but anyone who makes a false claim harms this collective effort and is therefore not entitled to the protection it offers.

  1. Your car inspection did not go as planned.

If you are renewing car insurance after it has expired, you must have your car checked by an authorized appraiser from the insurance company. If you discover a problem with the car or if it does not meet specified parameters during the inspection, your policy may become invalid.

  1. You have not followed the claims procedure prescribed by your insurance company.

In addition to the process, they also inform you about the documents that are required to assert a claim when taking out or extending a motor vehicle insurance. You must follow their methods, both verbally and mentally, or your car policy may become invalid.

  1. You have fled or fled the scene of the accident.

In the event of a mishap, you must obey the law and also inform your insurance company of the exact nature of the events. Sometimes people panic thinking they can get away with it. If you flee, your policy will expire.

  1. You broke a law.

If you use the vehicle illegally, your insurance company has the right, and in many cases even a legal obligation, to invalidate your policy.

Always remember that the insurance policy you have taken out is a legally binding indemnity contract between you and the insurance company. As such, it contains all the clauses and regulations that you must comply with in order to be valid.

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