By preserving Christmas presents within the car, drivers can lose the “No Claims” auto insurance bonus – Each day Specific

USwitch experts warned that Christmas gifts could make their vehicles a "higher target for thieves" as criminals attempt to steal free items valued at hundreds of pounds. Drivers can often make claims for loss of personal property, but this can affect your overall car insurance coverage.

“Even if you are insured, it's worth noting that claiming stolen gifts can result in the loss of your no-claims insurance, which increases your premiums.

“Expensive Christmas gifts stowed in the car make your vehicle a higher target for thieves.

"To avoid becoming a victim of the crime, it is safer to remove them when you get out of the car."

A survey by Consumer Intelligence found that 46 percent admit they left new purchases or gifts in the car.

On average, drivers spend an average of £ 700 on Christmas gifts, food and drink.

However, analysis by which? Money has found that few insurers cover drivers for anywhere near this amount.

On average, insurers are likely to only cover personal effects between £ 100 and £ 300.

The British Insurers Brokers Association said most auto policies have limits on the value of possessions.

They said this would be about 150 pounds and confirmed that no damage agreements would likely be affected.

USwitch added, “If you have no choice, make sure valuables and purchases are locked in the trunk and make sure no one is watching you.

"The same goes for expensive groceries and alcohol, which could make your car more attractive to criminals."

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