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Reader's question: is it still possible for a UK resident to add a French resident to their car insurance so they can use the car when visiting? My mother's insurance company said it was not possible because I live abroad. After a while I found a company that made an offer, but we decided not to use it after reading all of the terms in the fine print.

Connexion has made inquiries with several UK insurance companies and brokers.

In many areas of financial services, the UK's withdrawal from the EU's simple financial passporting system has made it difficult for UK firms to offer services with a cross-border element (e.g. when a customer is not based in the UK). However, we found that while UK insurers' approaches differ, there is no general post-Brexit ban on admitting French residents.

A spokeswoman for a major insurer, Aviva, said that "in some cases" French residents can still be added, but that "like any change in coverage" depends on individual circumstances.

“For example, we would take into account the driving experience of the additional driver, all accidents and convictions, his driver's license and the vehicle he wants to drive. The acceptance also depends on whether they are added temporarily or permanently.

“Some guidelines do not allow temporary drivers, so the additional driver would have to be permanently added and then deleted when it is no longer needed. Adding an additional driver to a vehicle policy may incur an additional fee, which in turn depends on the circumstances of the individual case. "

Another company, Sterling, said it was still possible for a non-UK citizen to be added as a named driver or, alternatively, get short-term supplemental insurance for a period of days, weeks or months. A spokesman said: "Most other insurers do not cover French residents in their policy, but as we are specialists in areas such as expat insurance and green card insurance, we have the knowledge and specialized systems to handle these requests. "

Gary Hamilton, a broker for Keith Michaels Plc, said he had noticed that many large insurers who were previously flexible to cover people overseas are now declining to cover them.

Brexit and several other issues, including the pandemic, could play a role, he said.

However, he said they have programs with around 10 companies that make this possible.

On the issue of adding a non-UK resident to an existing UK policy, he said most UK insurers would now refuse to do so. He added, however, that there are online companies offering short-term supplemental insurance provided drivers have a UK or EU driver's license, although prices and premiums have increased over the past 12 months.

A Direct Line and Churchill spokeswoman said a non-UK citizen could not be added permanently.

“Policyholders can temporarily add additional drivers to their auto policies up to 90 days or seven times, whichever comes first. Up to 90 days can be added at a time if the temporary driver wants to use the car regularly while in the UK. Additional premiums can be requested. "

She said non-UK residents will automatically receive a mandatory £ 250 deductible on top of other pre-existing deductibles.

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