Can sensible home expertise "drastically scale back" home insurance premiums? – CEPro

We already know that some home insurance companies will offer premium discounts on electronic security systems, but will installing a robotic vacuum cleaner actually cut home insurance costs? Yes, according to MindHome, a Colorado-based home robotics company that works closely with EXLynx, a major software provider for insurance agents. EZLynx, a software solution used by more than 20,000 independent insurance agencies, has announced a partnership with MindHome, based in Boulder, Colorado, to help home insurance agents educate their customers about the benefits of home automation and earn commissions in the process.

This new integration acts as a lead generator for customers interested in learning more about robotic smart homes through MindHome, which specializes in the use of robotic vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers. The company is also “digitizing” houses with audio systems and other smart home technology. According to the company, smart home technology "dramatically reduces the cost of insuring a home and often pays for itself".

"MindHome will enable EZLynx users to train their customers on how to create custom packages to equip their homes with the latest smart home equipment, including dedicated home security devices designed for insurance savings," said Jason Yaker. Chief Marketing Officer, MindHome. "The MindHome partnership with EZLynx is the first digital smart home builder experience of its kind available to so many independent agents and their customers."

MindHome will contact the prospect to provide more information and manage the entire sales process. When a lead leads to a sale, the broker earns a commission on the home insurance sale. According to a joint press release, the agent does not incur any costs for this new function, only the opportunity to earn more.

"Our integration with MindHome is another way for EZLynx agencies to serve their customers and generate more revenue directly from their website or customer center," said Kevin Coplin, director of Carrier Relations, EZLynx. "They complement our robust portfolio of cash-generating integrations that our customers benefit from."

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