Caught motorist twice in two days with out car insurance. Confronted with parole non-compliance in 5 circumstances –

Failing to learn that you need to insure your vehicle to drive in Ontario, a motorist continued even after being caught.

On August 22nd at 11:40 p.m. Renfrew OPP conducted a RIDE program on Burnstown Road in McNab / Braeside Township near Renfrew. A vehicle pulled into the checkpoint and the officer opened an investigation. As a result, Joseph Ladouceur, 35, with no fixed address, has been billed for driving the vehicle without insurance and using license plates that are not approved for that vehicle.

The next night, around the same time, an officer conducted traffic surveillance on the exact same street. The officer initiated a traffic control and the same driver and passenger were in the vehicle.

Ladouceur was charged a second time for driving a motor vehicle without insurance and the vehicle was towed.

As a result of further investigation, Renfrew OPP was arrested Ladouceur and Kristen Plotz, 42, also without a fixed address on August 24th.

Ladouceur is loaded with:

  • Two cases of obstruction of a peace officer
  • Two counts of the person on purpose
  • Two charges are made to avoid arrest
  • Three cases of possession of property obtained through offenses under $ 5,000
  • Possession of criminally obtained property over $ 5,000
  • Scam over $ 5,000
  • Five cases of non-compliance with a probation order
  • Failure to comply with the clearance order in two cases

Plotz is charged:

  • Two charges are made to avoid arrest
  • Two cases of obstruction of a peace officer
  • Possession of criminally obtained property
  • Possession of ID

The final charge is: "Any person commits a criminal offense who, without a legitimate excuse, procures, owns, transfers, sells or offers for sale an identity document that relates in whole or in part to another person or purports to relate to another person."

Both were held for a bail hearing and are on remand and are due to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Renfrew on August 30 for a bail hearing.

The investigation continues.

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