Christmas comes early for Santa with a 6% wage enhance – Enterprise Insurance

Inflation worries won't follow Kris Kringle into the new year, says. Based on salary information of comparable jobs from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most famous and popular resident of the North Pole qualified for a 6% raise.

"A magically tireless work ethic" is what made Santa a very valuable employee, says, as his salary soared to $ 159,622 that year.

In an interview, Old Saint Nick said, “Well, of course I don't do this for money. Our property at the North Pole has been paid off for centuries. And it looks like I'll have to put a bit more into the stockings of all the personal shoppers this year! "

When configuring Santa's pay raise, analysts found pay increases in 14 of 15 categories, including shifts in pilot pay and a recategorization of his announcer position. Other categories included “Biscuit and Milk Tasters”, who saw wages increased 3%, and “Labor negotiators (with elves), who saw a 4% increase.

The only category that was taken off was Santa's job as a personal shopper, a role he fulfills by choosing the perfect toy for each child.

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