Christmas consumers warned to test their home and car insurance earlier than placing presents within the trunk – Day by day Document

Cars can be the perfect hiding place for Christmas gifts, but GoCompare recommends that drivers read their home and car insurance policies first before leaving too many valuable gifts in the trunk.

Many parents will know the difficulty of scurrying curious children around the house in search of presents, so they resort to leaving their Christmas shopping in the back of the car before the time to wrap, would your presents be covered?

GoCompare did some research and found that fortunately for most people, this is possible – but with coverage limits and obvious limitations.

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Should you need your car insurance, GoCompare has found that out of 327 standard full car insurance products, 306 cover your personal belongings as standard – but with different financial protection.

Some 43 cover possessions worth £ 400 or more – if there is a money limit, 98 policies offer cover between £ 250 and £ 399, while 109 offer cover between £ 150 and £ 250 and 56 policies offer cover below £ 150, when personal belongings are stolen.

And if the windshield or windows of your car break in the process, there is another difference in coverage.

Around 306 standard motor vehicle insurance policies cover windscreens as standard, plus 13 policies for side windows if they are smashed in the event of theft.

If your Christmas shopping is worth more than $ 400, it might be worthwhile to see if your home insurance covers the stolen gifts.

When examining the insurance data, GoCompare found that of 356 home insurances, 41 percent (146) cover personal belongings in a car up to the amount insured for household or personal property in the policy, which is the maximum amount the insurance pays through section or the terms of your policy.

However, some insurance companies specifically state on their insurance documents that they only cover "everyday items" and you may find that they do not cover gifts hidden in the car.

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Home insurance certainly offers higher financial protection for personal items stolen from cars, with 90 policies offering coverage of £ 1500 or more if there is a money limit if your belongings are stolen from your car – but again, Checking the exact wording of your policy is important as Christmas shopping may not be considered personal property and you may need proof that it was hidden in a locked boot.

Ryan Fulthorpe of GoCompare Auto Insurance said, “We've all been there. You did the shopping and the person you bought for is in the house – so leave the presents in the trunk to take out when the coastline is clear.

"It is reassuring to know that both car and household contents insurance offer a certain amount of protection in the event of an emergency."

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He added, however, "Of course we always recommend that you don't leave expensive gifts in the back of your car – even if you hide them from your loved ones – as there are many caveats with both auto and home insurance policies that means you may not are always covered. "

You can find more information about car and home insurance here on the GoCompare website.

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