Contractor fined $ 209,000 for dying from ditch collapse – Enterprise Insurance

The Occupational Safety and Health Agency has proposed fines of $ 209,543 on a Denver-based excavation contractor following an investigation that found that workers were allowed to work in a five-meter-deep trench in the middle of pools of water and without protective systems.

The investigation followed a fatal trench collapse in Johnstown on April 16, in which a 50-year-old worker was killed. OSHA inspectors responded to the collapse after one of two workers got stuck in the mud in the trench underwater.

OSHA cited Dunaway Excavating Inc. for two deliberate serious violations for failing to protect workers from water retention by not using protective systems and not ensuring workers can safely exit the trench. Dunaway Excavating has also been inducted into OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

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