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NEXT is focused on providing small business insurance to a wide variety of businesses and self-employed with fewer than 25 employees. Below are some of the most popular coverage options NEXT currently offers.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that gives you a range of coverage that almost any small business owner can take advantage of. NEXT's business insurance includes the following benefits.

  • Liability for injuries: If a client or customer injures himself on your property and sues for the costs of his medical bills, your general liability insurance from NEXT will help you to pay litigation costs and issued judgments.
  • Liability for property damage: If you accidentally damage a customer or a customer's property, they can sue you for repair or replacement. Your general liability insurance can help you cover legal costs in these cases.
  • Advertising damage: When promoting your business, it is possible to accidentally copy another company's copyrighted slogan or commit a defamation. Your general liability insurance will help cover legal costs related to advertising damage.

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance is similar to homeowner insurance, except that it covers commercial premises that you rent or own. NEXT commercial property insurance protects the rooms, equipment and structures that you need for your business. NEXT's policies also include inventory replacement coverage after an insured hazard and business income protection if your business suddenly needs to be closed.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

Business liability insurance (BOP) combines general liability insurance with commercial property insurance. BOPs are a popular choice among small business owners, and you can save up to 10% when you bundle general liability and commercial property insurance in one BOP with NEXT.

Labor compensation insurance

Workers' compensation insurance is a type of coverage that helps your employees cover medical bills and lost wages if they are injured in the course of normal business operations. Depending on where you live, you may be legally required to take out workers' compensation insurance as soon as you hire your first employee.

In addition to lost wages and illness costs, NEXT's workers' compensation insurance also covers retraining costs for employees who have to learn new skills after injuries and benefits for permanently disabled employees. It also covers legal costs if an employee tries to file a lawsuit against you.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance will help you cover the costs of legal proceedings if a client claims that you have negligently conducted your business or provided services and is suing you for damages. NEXT's professional liability insurance options combine general liability coverage with a special type of insurance known as failure and omission insurance. This covers claims arising from negligence, missed deadlines and other types of business.

Alcohol liability insurance

If your company serves alcoholic beverages, alcohol liability is a must. NEXT offers alcohol liability insurance that provides financial protection against claims made by drunk customers who damage their property or damage the property of other guests under influence. It will also help you cover legal agency costs and medical bills if a customer is involved in an accident after visiting your store while they exceed the legal blood alcohol limit.

Commercial vehicle insurance

If your business uses a commercial vehicle, you will need commercial auto insurance to legally stay on the roads. NEXT's commercial vehicle insurance offers minimum government coverage in accordance with your local laws as well as optional insurance cover for towing work, fully comprehensive insurance, collision protection, collisions with uninsured drivers and rental car protection.

There are also specific guidelines in place to protect tools and equipment that you own or rent.

In addition to telephone and e-mail support, Next offers live chat on site.

As soon as you start an offer, the chat balloon is displayed in the lower right corner of your screen and can be contacted at any time if you have any questions.

The chat bubble is offered throughout the listing purchase path and displays a support form for submitting questions if an agent is not immediately available.

The live chat is also available on site at any time after the purchase when users log into their account, so that existing customers always have access to support in addition to telephone and e-mail.

NEXT prides itself on providing affordable insurance solutions to business owners. The company claims they can offer you the same coverage as major insurance providers for up to 30% less. NEXT's policy options vary based on your type of business and your location.

Let's take a look at the estimated cost of coverage for a real estate agent who lives and operates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and plans to earn $ 100,000 in sales and commissions over the next year.

Failure and omission insurance

  • Basic Coverage ($ 250,000 Coverage Limit, $ 2,000 Excess): $ 31.59 per month
  • Recommended Coverage ($ 1,000,000 Coverage Limit, $ 2,000 Deductible): $ 53.75 per month

General liability insurance

  • Minimum Coverage ($ 500,000 Coverage Limit, $ 0 Deductible): $ 25.00 per month
  • Recommended Coverage ($ 1,000,000 Coverage Limit, $ 0 Deductible): $ 25.67 per month

Commercial property insurance ($ 45,000 limit)

  • Basic coverage ($ 500 deductible, no additional benefits): $ 40.84 per month
  • Recommended coverage ($ 500 deductible, includes coverage add-ons such as sump pump overflow and key and lock replacement): $ 63.00 per month

NEXT's unique, customizable policies can help you tailor your insurance to the needs of your small business. Here are some of the biggest advantages NEXT has over larger insurance providers:

  • Help from licensed consultants: If you need to call NEXT Customer Service, licensed insurance advisors based in the United States can provide assistance.
  • 100% online process: Applying for small business insurance through NEXT is a quick and easy process. You can take out your coverage entirely online and don't have to wait for a representative to call you back.
  • Savings compared to conventional insurance procedures: NEXT's insurance policies are designed for small business owners, so you can save up to 30% on your insurance through bundling and exceptionally affordable policy options.

One of the strongest aspects of NEXT's online guidance is how easy it is to get a policy. Business owners can get a quote online in minutes after answering a few simple questions about your business.

NEXT's quote calculation tool automatically applies any discounts you qualify for as you go through the application process. With this instant self-service platform, you are in control of your insurances, customize coverage and explore pricing options to find and sign up for the best possible solution for your needs.

NEXT corporate insurance vs. competitors

NEXT offers a number of advantages over competing insurance companies:

  • Self-service policy: Most insurance companies that offer business insurance options require that you consult with a representative before finalizing your offer. With NEXT you can get a quote online in just 10 minutes.
  • Industry-specific guidelines: One of the first questions you will answer when completing your online application is the industry you are in. This allows NEXT to customize your insurance coverage so that it only covers the insurance you are likely to need in your industry.
  • Immediate COIs: Do you need your insurance certificate (COI) quickly? NEXT enables you to take your COI in your hand with just a few clicks.

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Best for

Small businesses with fewer than 25 employees

getting started

safe with Next Business Insurance

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NEXT is a corporate insurance provider dedicated to helping small business owners find affordable, tailored policies that address the specific risks of their industry. NEXT offers a full range of the most popular business insurance you may need and you can apply for a policy entirely online.

Getting insurance through NEXT takes less than 10 minutes – just select your type of business, answer a few questions about your experience and history, and purchase protection. You can adjust your policies and coverage limits with just a few clicks to balance costs and protection.

While NEXT's 100 percent online model may not be for everyone, it can be a stiff competitor for digital natives looking for affordable insurance.

Best for

  • Small business owners looking for quick, affordable online coverage


  • Apply for a policy in just 10 minutes
  • Guidelines adapted to the type of industry and needs
  • Bundled policy discounts available


  • No option to apply for a paper policy
  • You may need to contact a representative if your occupation is not listed

NEXT's customizable policies can be ideal for business owners looking for affordable policy options and needing coverage quickly. Business owners can apply for and sign their policies entirely online. Most users will be able to get coverage within minutes.

While NEXT doesn't offer paper insurance options that some business owners prefer, it does offer a full range of types of insurance at affordable prices.

Start with NEXT business insurance

Small business owners need insurance to protect both their families and their employees. An offer from NEXT Business Insurance can be a convenient way to begin your search for insurance.

Since you can apply entirely online, you can start exploring corporate insurance options in just 10 minutes. Connect with NEXT today to find your policy.

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Does NEXT insurance have an A rating?


Does NEXT insurance have an A rating?

asked 2021-12-29

Sarah Horvath


NEXT was rated “A-Excellent” by AM Best.

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answered 2021-12-29


How do I contact NEXT insurance?


How do I contact NEXT insurance?

asked 2021-12-29

Sarah Horvath


You can contact NEXT Customer Service by calling 1-855-222-5919 or on the NEXT website.

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answered 2021-12-29


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