Decrease car insurance prices, a brand new CBD drink, and a brand new company sheriff – The Irish Occasions

Motorists could benefit from this lower car insurance costs According to an investigation by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), writes Barry O'Halloran. This is because insurance companies AIG, Allianz, Axa, Aviva, FBD and broker AA Ireland pledged to reform compliance based on a CCPC investigation into allegations that industry players were "signaling" price increases to one another.

Barry also reports that competition regulators are hoping to receive new powers this year after securing the agreement with the companies.

Four sports stars are among a number of angel investors who have invested a combined € 2 million in Mynd, a new herbal CBD drink. Charlie Taylor has the details of the new product, which is being led by Simon Allen and is already on sale.

Charlie also reports on an Irish based company moving his Indoor climbing centers all of the UK. The Climbing Hangar has raised £ 4 million to support its expansion plans.

In a long-read Agenda article, Mark Paul takes a look at what the new Corporate Enforcement Authority is essentially the sheriff for corporate lawwill look when it is put up next year. He looks at the performance of his predecessor, the Director of Corporate Enforcement, and asks how the better-equipped restart could work differently.

And in his Caveat column, Mark asks if we are all in the grip of a "culture of fear" imposed by Nphetas suggested by a music organizer this week. As the inevitably exhausted events sector continues to push for a reopening, Mark wonders if it might be time to "take a deep breath."

Arianna Huffington tells Charlie Taylor all about her decision to open a store in Dublin as part of her newest venture, Thrive Global. The Huffington Post founder says the company is on a mission to end workforce stress and burnout, describing Dublin as "an amazing technology hub" with "incredible engineering talent". She also reveals that she knows Ireland well after attending the Wexford Opera Festival for years and staying at the Whites of Wexford, now the Clayton Whites Hotel.

John FitzGerald uses its weekly business column to review the world of vaccines in light of last year's experience. What has worked and what has not worked in the development, manufacture and supply of vaccines, he asks, and what could be done better when we find ourselves here?

In our work section, Olive Keogh takes a look how employers can best "onboard" new employees when everyone involved works remotely. It should be all about community and culture, she writes, with thought about how new employees could get the opportunity to really experience the philosophy of the workplace.

Laura Slattery takes us on one tour of the week on Planet businesswho have (kind of) made sense from caffeine price hikes and changes to Twitter, to Elon Musk's latest German adventures.

These weeks Wild goose is Dr. Enda Murray, a native of Drogheda in Co Louth who ended up as the founder of the Irish Film Festival Australia. Dr. Murray also teaches communications at Macquarie University, and tells Pádraig Collins how visiting an older sibling in 1977 shaped his passion for film.

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