Distant employee rolls off the bed, falls into the working day – business insurance

In the age of telework, the short transfer from bed to home office is not only convenient – it is a legally recognized shuttle service, said a German court and granted workers' compensation benefits to the man who slipped in a “workplace accident”. At home.

An unnamed man was working from home when he fell and broke his back on a spiral staircase that connected his bedroom and study, the Federal Social Court said. In an initial court case, it was denied that statutory accident insurance was only granted for the “first” commute, suggesting that the man's trip and fall on the way to breakfast after he was already in the home office could be refused.

The verdict of two lower courts that the walk was not a way to work was overturned by the Federal Social Court with the verdict that the man had an accident “at work”.

"If the insured activity is carried out in the household of the insured person or at another location, there is insurance coverage to the same extent as when the activity is carried out on the company premises", the Federal Supreme Court stipulates that the law applies to "teleworking workplaces" including "computer workstations used by the employer be set up permanently in the private sector of the employees ”.

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