Employees in Half of the US States Will Get Minimal Wage Raises This Yr, and The way to Get the Greatest Reductions on Auto Insurance – MarketWatch

Happy New Year, MarketWatcher! Here are today's top stories:

Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros were behind the biggest donations of 2021 – but that doesn't include anonymous donors

The largest charitable donations of 2021 went to universities and healthcare, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.
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“We have to be agile”: School closings are on the rise again as more teachers and students test positive for omicron

According to an analysis, around 2,200 schools announced temporary closings this week, up from 408 in mid-December. Continue reading

Workers in half of the US states will receive minimum wage increases this year

The California minimum wage is $ 15 an hour in 2022, but the law doesn't apply to employers with fewer than 26 employees. Continue reading

Here's a sign of bullying that subsided when the schools were removed, but it's returning to pre-pandemic levels

"There are very few studies of bullying during the pandemic and even fewer with publicly available statewide data," reads a new paper. Continue reading

Do you owe the “dreaded” alternative minimum tax? Read this before filing your taxes

Rule # 1: Don't assume you're exempt. Continue reading

My friend emailed me to say that she wanted to wish me a Happy New Year, but was upset that I didn't respond to her email asking for a charitable donation

"Should I bite my lip and send a token donation or tell her how I really feel and risk losing a good friend?"

What to do if your car is totaled

A car is “totted” if the cost of repairing the damage exceeds the market value of the vehicle. Here's what you should know if this happens to you. Continue reading

How to get the biggest discounts on auto insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, but it has to be – learn how to maximize all of the available discounts to your advantage. Continue reading

This editor gave herself 30 months to pay off $ 55,000 in debt – that's how she got there faster

If you are feeling burdened by debt, here are some ways to combat it and improve your finances in the long term. Continue reading

Spend a warm weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona – what to do, where to stay, eat, and shop

With everything from world-class resorts, golf, and spas to hot air balloon rides, art galleries, and a delicious dining scene, this city should be on your wish list. Continue reading

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