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Coverage Adjustments If your home was destroyed, the actual present value would take into account the age of your home's walls, roof, floors, lighting, etc. You would only be paid for the depreciation in value, not the cost of the actual replacement.

Due to the rise in construction costs, your replacement costs can be underestimated, which can result in your home being underinsured.

Ask your insurer questions to determine if you need to adjust your policy to get adequate coverage in the event of a claim.

Your insurance agent can help you re-evaluate the replacement cost of your home and belongings to ensure that the appropriate levels of coverage are in place.

Savings and other options

Ask your insurance agent or company about discounts. Many insurers offer discounts on multiple policies to help consumers lower their insurance bills.

Some insurers may offer discounts on smart home technology that you have installed in your home.

Also, don't forget that you can always shop. Please use our fair and competitive insurance market.

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