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Erie's home insurance has the typical types of coverage you would find in a standard home insurance:

  • Housing coverage pays off to replace or repair damage to your home and structures attached to it, such as a deck.
  • Covering other structures pays off to replace or repair damage to structures not connected to your home, such as B. sheds or pavilions.
  • Personal property protection protects your personal belongings from problems such as fire and theft.
  • Liability insurance pays for property damage to others and medical expenses if someone is injured to your property. It also pays off to legal defense if you are sued for an accident.
  • Additional coverage for living expenses pays for expenses such as meals, hotel bills, and laundry services when you cannot live in your home because of an issue covered by your policy, such as a fire.

Erie Insurance sells home insurance, condominium insurance, rental insurance, and RV insurance.

Do you need more liability protection than your home insurance can offer? Erie Insurance sells roof insurance that kicks in when your home insurance liability limits are exhausted.

Policy add-ons are available from Erie Insurance, including:

  • Water reserve and sump pump overflow covers you with problems related to overflowing sewer systems and sump pumps.
  • Personal liability pays for legal defense in the event of personal liability claims, such as B. accidentally harming another person or damaging their property.
  • Identity recovery pays the cost to help you resolve identity theft or fraud.
  • Protection of the service line pays for repairs to underground utility and utility lines that run from your home to the curb.

Erie includes unique gift card coverage in its home insurance. This coverage pays customers for remaining balance on eligible gift cards that can no longer be used at local businesses if the business closes within one year of purchase (up to $ 250 for businesses within 100 miles of your home).

Erie also offers ErieSecure Home packages:

  • Advantage package has increased coverage limits for stolen, lost or misplaced items. It also includes Erie's identity recovery coverage.
  • Plus package includes insurance coverage in the Advantage package plus higher coverage limits for watercraft and trailers as well as siding and roof renovation. You can get up to $ 10,000 coverage for underground utility protection and the option to add sewer or drain protection cover.
  • Select package includes all of the above, but with higher coverage limits. The Select plan also includes higher liability insurance for watercraft and cost coverage for criminal defense. When you add a replacement cover for sewers and drains, you have the option to add cover for equipment failure.

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