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Esurance is one of the most popular auto insurance options in the country. Now owned by Allstate, Esurance stands out from the crowd with many advantages, including its easy-to-use mobile app.

On the other hand, Esurance isn't the cheapest auto insurance option out there, and the customer service is below average.

Read on if you are purchasing Esurance for your auto insurance needs. You will find answers to all the detailed questions you have about Esurance in our review. Use our jump-ahead links below to jump to the section you want.

What types of auto insurance can you get with Esurance?

Shop auto insuranceEsurance offers a variety of insurance coverage options that will suit most customer needs. The car insurance cover includes:

  • Liability insurance: Covers you in case an accident happens and you are at fault.
  • Collision protection: Make sure that the insurance covers your vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Ideal in an emergency (storm, flood or vandalism).
  • Health insurance coverage: Pays the medical bills for you and the passengers involved in the accident, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Personal protection: Often referred to as "flawless coverage," this coverage pays your medical bills in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault, and often comes before your health insurance company.
  • Roadside assistance in an emergency: Helps with a flat tire, empty battery, empty fuel tank, and more (up to $ 75).
  • ShareSmart coverage: Intermediate passengers for car pool drivers like Uber and Lyft.
  • Credit / lease coverage: Bridges the gap between what you owe and the value of your car in an accident.
  • Insurance coverage for uninsured motorcyclists: Assumes all costs if the other party does not have the proper insurance or leaves the accident without providing information about identity / insurance plan.
  • Rental car insurance: Esurance also offers rental car insurance, which covers all damage caused by a rental car accident.

What advantages does the Esurance car insurance offer?

So depending on what you're looking for with an insurance company, Esurance may be a good fit for you. Especially if you want fast online insurance services with various discount options, Esurance is a great option.

What discounts can I get with Esurance?

Businesswoman checks insurance policyCurrently Esurance offers some standard discounts with some additions including:

  • Fast 5: 5% savings discount when you request a quote online
  • Pac-12 discount: Get a 15% discount if you're a student or alumni of Pac-12 schools in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Utah. These schools include Washington State University, the University of Colorado, and the University of Oregon.
  • Change & save: If your insurance is from another company, you will automatically receive a 5% discount when you transition to Esurance.
  • Education discount: Awarded to students in Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah and can be up to 15% regardless of their education level as long as they live in the states listed
  • DriveSense: You download an app, open it at least 50 times in six months and drive safely, which entitles you to a discount of at least 10%. The safer you drive, the higher your worth.

Insurance costs for car insurance

Unlike discounts, whether you are married or not, your age affects how much you drive your car each year, and many other factors affect your insurance costs.

On average, however, Esurance is considered to be slightly more expensive than others, with average annual policies averaging $ 2,364, according to Savvy. Savvy collects data from current consumer policies, including tariff information, age, marital status, and other demographics.

The statistics provide a representative sample that serves as a general guide. Learn more about Savvy's methodology.

Age group gender marital status Average annual rate
25 to 34 Female single $ 2,296.72
25 to 34 male single $ 2,317.24
25 to 34 Female married $ 2,106.22
35 to 49 Female single $ 2,447.41
35 to 49 male single $ 2,227.49
35 to 49 Female married $ 2,525.12
35 to 49 male married $ 2,378.02
50 to 69 Female single $ 2,016.49
50 to 69 male single $ 1,605.62
50 to 69 Female married $ 2,366.51
50 to 69 male married $ 2,512.04
70 or higher Female single $ 1,744.93
70 or higher male single $ 2,679.79
70 or higher Female married $ 2,096.05
70 or higher male married $ 1,494.08

Source: Savvy

Lowest prices for ages 50+

Couple in convertible car smiling picture

Overall, older drivers – who are over 50 years old – can expect to pay the lowest rates for insurance coverage. For example, most men and women, both single and married, can expect to pay an average of $ 124.51 to $ 174.67 per month for coverage.

Highest prices for ages 18-24

At the other end of the spectrum are the youngest drivers. According to Savvy, people between the ages of 18 and 24 should expect to pay an average of $ 212.36 to $ 264.28 per month for car insurance with Esurance.

What else can affect my insurance premium?

Insurance premiums can vary based on many factors including how often you drive your car, where you live, your previous driving history, and even your creditworthiness. Let's take a closer look.

How much do you drive

How many miles you drive will affect your Esurance car insurance rate. The less time you spend behind the wheel, the lower your tariff. According to Savvy, riders who fall between 3,000 and 5,999 miles per year can expect to pay an average of just $ 128.91 per month for Esurance. Those who drive 20,000+ miles a year will set aside $ 227.

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Miles bucket Average monthly rate
3,000 to 5,999 $ 128.91
6,000 to 9,999 $ 222.44
10,000 to 11,999 $ 164.77
12,000 to 14,999 $ 157.48
15,000 to 19,999 $ 173.61
20,000 or higher $ 227.00

Source: Savvy


According to Savvy, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming, and Iowa are the states with the cheapest insurance rates. Those with the most expensive auto insurance rates are New York; Rhode Island; Washington, D.C .; Maryland; and Louisiana.


Like other insurers, Esurance is increasing tariffs for drivers with DUI quotes.

According to a study by The Zebra, a DUI usually increases insurance premiums more than any common traffic violation. For example, violating the cell phone results in a $ 288 premium increase, while over speeding increases your rate by an average of $ 308. Reckless driving increases the rate by $ 1,034, but a DUI will likely cost you around $ 1,086.

A DUI also does not qualify you for discounts for good or safe drivers.

car accident

Unhappy female driver with damaged car after an accident calling the pictureA collision or other car accident will also affect your insurance premium with Esurance.

Most insurance premiums increase by 50% after a car accident, according to The Zebra. This penalty can last up to three years and can be up to $ 6,000 to $ 7,000 per year.


In some states, drivers with very poor FICO scores unusually pay up to 150% more for auto insurance than their counterparts with exceptional credit ratings. That is the case in states like New York and Missouri. Insurance coverage is available in these two states.

This practice is rooted in some studies that have correlated bad and very bad credit scores with high risk driving behavior. However, this method is considered illegal in four states.

How satisfied are insurance customers?

Although Esurance offers a variety of insurance types and discounts, Esurance has received mixed results on customer satisfaction. The youngest J.D. Power study on claims satisfaction gave the insurer an average rating. It didn't rate it in customer satisfaction.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) gave Esurance a poor rating. This rating means that the insurer received significantly more complaints than the average.

Some other websites have rated customer satisfaction with Esurance:

Insurance financial strength and background

Esurance has an A + (Superior) rating from A.M. Best on the financial side, which means that the company will have no financial difficulties paying debts.

Founded in 1999 and owned by Allstate, Esurance was one of the first to offer online insurance services. It is headquartered in San Francisco and serves 43 states, but has no walk-in locations.

Before signing up for car insurance, check rates with different vendors to compare them, especially when buying a new or used car. How to find the right provider for you.

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