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Growing up can be difficult. Between laundry, dishes, work and paying bills on time, there is a lot to consider. But if you want to be successful as an adult, keeping track of your life is important.

If you own a car in British Columbia, you already know you need auto insurance – but do you know enough about it? Do you know what happens if you are caught behind the wheel with expired insurance? When can you renew your insurance when it expires? What are your options when it comes to coverage?

Fortunately, there are simple answers to these questions, and Westland Insurance experts can help you find the information you want. As one of the leading independent insurance brokers in Western Canada, Westland knows what insuring your vehicle is all about.

There are things about auto insurance that you may not be familiar with while driving in British Columbia. So, before you hit the road again, check out these six auto insurance facts.

ICBC Basic Auto Plan Insurance is mandatory in BC

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All v. Drivers must have ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance. It covers things like basic damage to the vehicle and liability. It offers accident benefits as well as hit-and-run support. ICBC Basic Autoplan ensures that you are protected at a basic level.

For complete protection and peace of mind, you can purchase additional insurance options in addition to ICBC Basic Autoplan. Westland's private car insurance, Family Autocover, protects you and your vehicle with benefits such as breakdown assistance, forgiveness for accidents and repairs for windshield chips without deduction.

You can get a ticket (or worse) for traveling in BC without insurance

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The fine for driving in B.C. Without auto insurance it costs a whopping $ 598, but you could also face vehicle confiscation and potentially jail time – and that's compared to what's at stake if you had an accident without insurance.

You can easily avoid this situation with online ICBC renewal services like Westland Insurance to help you stay insured wherever you are.

You can also renew your car insurance after it has expired

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If you find that your car insurance has expired, you can still renew it. All you have to do is contact your insurer. Westland Insurance, for example, is available over the phone or in person to take care of your situation.

It is important that you make your insurance renewal your top priority – do not wait and under no circumstances drive without it.

You might not have insurance coverage if you let your insurance expire

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If you let this insurance expire at the point of no return and choose to drive a car, you may run the risk of some unwanted fines and no insurance coverage. Without insurance, an accident can pull you out of your pocket considerably – much more than would have been the case if the policy had been extended.

Westland Insurance experts told Narcity, “If you miss a payment, you can rest assured that your insurance will still protect you on the road. The difference here is if you miss multiple payments. If so, ICBC will contact you directly and you run the risk of losing some of your insurance coverage. "

You can arrange an extension reminder for your insurance

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When you sign up for renewal reminders with Westland, you will receive an ICBC Autoplan renewal reminder approximately one month before your insurance expiration date.

Once you have received the reminder, you can schedule your ICBC renewal request online with Westland Insurance and remove this task from your list. You can extend your insurance up to 44 days in advance.

There are auto insurance advisors who can help you

If you need to renew your ICBC insurance, you can apply online with Westland Insurance. You have advisors who can complete your ICBC renewal via email, or you can arrange a phone call instead.

Choose what is best for you and once your renewal is complete your advisor will email you all of your documents so you can keep an eye on your ICBC insurance.

Mistakes happen, so it's important to have your back (and your car) covered. Insurance is a reassuring feeling not only for you, but also for everyone else. Whether you need to renew your ICBC car insurance, want additional coverage or talk to an expert about all of your B.C. Westland Insurance is happy to answer any questions you may have about car insurance.

To find out more about auto insurance, visit Westland Insurance's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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