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Here's a closer look at the top types of coverage for small business.

General liability The insurance covers legal costs such as hiring a lawyer and any judgments against you and your company. General liability insurance includes coverage for reputational damage such as defamation or defamation and copyright infringement.

Liability insurance pays others, not your own business. It is also known as business liability insurance.

Commercial real estate Insurance covers a range of business items, including computers and workstations, desks and chairs, business documents, business inventory, and accessories. Commercial property insurance can also cover a company's office and commercial building.

Commercial property insurance is also known as business liability insurance.

Workers compensation The insurance offers several benefits to workers who are sick or injured as a result of their work. This includes medical care, physiotherapy and compensation for lost wages. Death benefits for a worker's family are available if an employee dies of work-related illness or injury.

Companies buy worker compliance insurance for workers and this insurance is required in most states.

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