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Ben Moore

Whether it's falling temperatures or a blizzard, winter weather can have devastating effects on a home. But you can avoid a disaster with some preventive measures.

Here are four common types of winter home damage and how to prevent it, and how home insurance works when you can't.

1. Burst water pipes

If your kitchen faucet doesn't work on a cold winter morning, you could have a frozen water pipe. Frozen pipes can burst and accidentally cause water damage that can be costly to repair.

To avoid burst pipes, keep your faucets dripping on the coldest days to keep the tap water from freezing. Cover pipes with sleeves or newspaper in rooms exposed to the coldest temperatures, such as basements and attics. If a pipe freezes, turn off the water immediately, then use a heating pad or hair dryer to defrost the frozen water.

But don't worry if a pipe bursts. "Almost all [home] insurance policies cover the damage caused by a burst pipe," says Steve Wilson, Senior Underwriting Manager at Hippo Insurance. As soon as you have paid your deductible, your home contents insurance pays out up to the amount of your policy. Your home insurance covers home repair costs, while your personal property insurance covers damaged items.

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