Governor Whitmer units deadline for auto insurance refunds –

If you are a Michigan auto policyholder, you will receive a refund no later than May 9th. Governor Gretchen Whitmer's office this morning provided additional details about the one-time payout from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association's fund on Monday morning.

Any driver in Michigan with an open policy will receive $ 400 by check or ACH from their insurance company. The MCCA will transfer the money to private insurers by March 9th. The Department of Financial and Insurance Services has created a Frequently Asked Questions page on its website. The agency says consumers don't have to do anything to ensure they get the money.

Whitmer announced the reimbursement as a result of an insurance reform that put the vehicle back into the driver's pockets in 2019 while providing access to the most generous benefits in the country, "said Governor Whitmer. “I am pleased with the rapid development of the plan and appreciate the clear guidelines for both insurers and consumers. The bulletin and website set the schedule and requirements so that insurers understand they need to process reimbursements as quickly as possible and Michigandans know when and how to get the excess money owed them. "

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