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According to a study, the most polluting cars are still popular on UK roads.

New research from MoneySuperMarket shows that more than one in three (36%) cars in the UK fall into the two worst categories for harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

The main findings from research are as follows:

  • Luton has the highest concentration of polluting cars – two in five (40.4%) auto insurance inquiries are for vehicles with the worst-rated carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • More than half of drivers (52%) say that environmental impact will play an important role when buying their next car
  • Drivers are willing to pay over £ 2,000 more for vehicles with a greener emission class

Despite the increasing popularity of greener vehicles, more than one in three (36%) cars in the UK fall into the two worst categories for harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NOx) emissions, according to a new study by a leading price comparison company. website.

The study combines insurance inquiries for car brands and models with data from the AIR index, which ranks vehicles from A (most environmentally friendly) to E (least environmentally friendly).

The figures show that the UK's most requested car, the 2008 Volkswagen Golf, is rated C for CO2 and D for NOx. The contribution of this model to road pollution can therefore be significant due to its prevalence and low emissions.

In the UK, Luton has the highest concentration of polluting cars with the worst levels of CO2 and NOx, with more than two-fifths (40.4%) of car insurance requests for D or E models. Peterborough and Taunton follow closely with an average of 39.4% and 39.2% respectively.

The 10 UK cities and towns with the highest percentage of motor insurance inquiries for vehicles with a D or E CO2 and NOx rating:

City City Average combined percentage of auto insurance inquiries for polluting cars with D&E CO2 and NOx ratings
Luton 40.4%
Peterborough 39.4%
Taunton 39.2%
Llandrindod Wells 38.7%
Kirkwall 38.6%
Leicester 38.5%
Norwich 38.4%
Canterbury 38.3%
jersey 38.3%
Doncaster 38.2%

Despite a significant number of cars with poor CO2 and NOx levels on the road, the environmental impact of vehicles is on the agenda of British motorists. Two-thirds (66%) of car owners say they considered the environmental impact of their newest vehicle before buying, one-third (33%) said it was the main consideration.

With the upcoming ban on new gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2030, the data shows a shift in mindset: More than half (52%) now say a vehicle's environmental impact is when deciding which car to buy next that would be the primary consideration.

Almost two-fifths (39%) say they are more likely to buy a hybrid or electric car because of the ban, while almost a third (28%) say it makes them think more carefully about the harmful effects of cars on the environment.

Overall, two-thirds (66%) of drivers are concerned about the impact their current car has on the environment. But it seems that drivers are willing to invest their money when it comes to the environment and that they would be willing to spend an average of £ 2,384 more on a greener vehicle.

Kate Devine, Auto Insurance Expert at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “With over a third (36%) of UK cars having the worst emissions, it is alarming to think about the environmental impact this could have. However, as more and more 'green' vehicles flood the market, it is great to see MoneySuperMarket customers begin to choose greener options. ”

“If environmental pollution is a major concern for you, there is an ever-growing range of hybrid and electric vehicles that can help reduce emissions on the roads. Whichever car you own or plan to buy, you should always compare insurance options to make sure you get the best deal for yourself. "

Everything you need to know about electric car insurance is available on the MoneySuperMarket website.

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