Greatest Chevrolet car insurance 2021: quotes, evaluations

Don McLean, Taylor Swift, and even Snoop Dogg all sang Chevy, Maybe because it's just as much a part of our culture as "Whiskey and Rye" and "American Pie". And the critics joined the chorus and presented General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet, with the trophy for J.D. Power awarded in 2020.

Now that you have even more reasons to drive a car Chevyhow do you insure your ride?

Most US states have a certain minimum level of Liability insurance for your vehicle. This insurance covers other drivers and passengers if you cause an accident that too Property damage or Mayhem.

In the USA., the average year Car insurance costs is $ 1,968 or $ 164 per month for liability insurance only and $ 3,876 or $ 323 per month for full coverage. Businesses use several variables to determine their. to calculate Car insurance premium, including your location, yours Driving history, the Car model, and the covers you selected.

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And when you are ready Receive offers so you can get back on the streets and listen to your favorite songs, go over to Assure to find them best auto insurance premiums for your Chevy from the top providers in your area.

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Chevrolet car insurance costs

The average cost of the various Chevy models is $ 228 per month or $ 2,741 per year. Their prices differ, of course, depending on your driving profile and whether you add extras such as Roadside assistance. But one thing always applies: safe drivers pay the least. (Disclaimer of liability: The one exclusion is a young driver. Even with a flawless record, it can still be quite expensive, but the safest teens pay less than their less-than-perfect counterparts Driving stories.)

When you buy full coverageOne way to cut costs is to choose the highest Deductibles You can afford the comprehensive and collision-related parts of your Car insurance policy. See the average monthly price for each model:

model Average monthly cost
avalanche $ 178
Aveo $ 195
blazer $ 235
Bolt EV $ 234
Camaro $ 329
Captiva $ 185
cobalt $ 200
Colorado $ 215
corvette $ 307
Cruze $ 254
Cruze Limited $ 254
equinox $ 192
HHR $ 158
impala $ 246
impala Limited $ 245
Malibu $ 267
Malibu Limited $ 267
Silverado $ 239
sound $ 231
spark $ 228
On site $ 191
Tahoe $ 204
Trailblazer $ 233
traverse $ 190
Trax $ 229
volt $ 232

the Chevy models below have received many awards including resale value, safety, and best-in-class awards. We have analyzed our proprietary data after over 30 million Motor insurance offers to bring you the best prices in the top five selling Chevrolet models:

  • Silverado
  • equinox
  • traverse
  • Malibu
  • Colorado

How much does insurance cost a Chevrolet Silverado

the Chevy Silverado has topped the sales charts for years with no slowdown in sight. According to Forbes, the Silverado will be the best-selling vehicle in the United States in 2021. the Silverado is an excellent pickup vehicle for work, transporting a family camper, or just enjoying the open road.

With various equipment packages and engine options, you can do the Silverado to your specific requirements. According to the data, Plymouth Rock is rocking the competition, and Motion Auto and Travelers aren't too far behind. The top 5 are rounded off by Progressive and Clearcover, which also deserve a quote. Take a look at these competitive prices.

insurance company Average monthly car insurance for a Chevrolet Silverado
Plymouth Rock $ 131
traveler $ 138
Progressive $ 139
Clearcover $ 143
Mile car $ 157
Safeco $ 162
21st century $ 166
National General $ 167
Nationwide $ 169
mutual freedom $ 237

How much does insurance cost a Chevrolet equinox

the Chevy equinox is the "small SUV that is larger than life". The crossover gets fantastic gas mileage at 31 MPG on the highway and has a lot of space with a surprising amount of cargo space. For the 2022 model, Chevy Safety Assist is standard, so you get additional functions such as the forward collision alarm and the lane departure warning.

Amigo USA looks pretty friendly to insuring the Equinox, and there have been 15 companies priced below $ 150 a month. Of course, if the starting MSRP for the base model is $ 25,800, you'll be looking for a way to save, and the Car insurance below are ready to ship.

insurance company Average monthly car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Equinox
Amigo USA $ 102
21st century $ 110
Mile car $ 113
Progressive $ 121
traveler $ 127
Clearcover $ 128
Verti $ 129
National General $ 131
SafeAuto $ 146
Nationwide $ 153

How much does insurance cost a Chevrolet traverse

The mid-size SUV offers space for up to eight and does not give up the cargo space that larger families need. In addition, its robust safety features helped him land the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) top pick in 2021. The vehicle is always ready for a road trip, day trip or any trip, and with all-wheel drive options, the car lives up to its name.

When you're ready to insure this bad boy, think about Mile Auto because they're a mile above the other. OK, maybe they beat Clearcover by just a dollar, but insuring a vehicle with an MSRP of $ 29,800 for less than $ 120 a month is impressive. Over 50 percent of companies have an average of less than $ 200, which is most likely less than half the average car payment for a traverse. So check this out insurer who are ready to protect your ride.

insurance company Average monthly car insurance cost for a Chevrolet traverse
Mile car $ 119
Clearcover $ 120
traveler $ 124
Plymouth Rock $ 126
National General $ 132
Progressive $ 143
Safeco $ 144
SafeAuto $ 149
elephant $ 153
Nationwide $ 156

How much does insurance cost a Chevrolet Malibu

The Malibu is still one of the most wanted Chevies and was the number 4 brand's best-selling vehicle in 2019. Noticeably larger than that Chevrolet cruze, This midsize family sedan is roomy enough to give passengers the legroom they need in the back seats without sacrificing the ability to bring home a trunk full of groceries. In addition, beautiful colors such as Dark Ash Metallic add a little fascination to the vehicle to keep up with an efficient 29 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway.

Insuring the Malibu is easy with the friendliest company, Amigo USA. And 19 different companies offer prices under $ 200. So there are plenty of companies out there ready to protect your favorite Bu at an affordable price. Here is the list of Insurance provider ready to compete.

insurance company Average monthly car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Malibu
Amigo USA $ 142
21st century $ 146
Kemper preferred $ 151
Automatic movement $ 153
anchor $ 155
Progressive $ 164
Mile car $ 174
traveler $ 175
MetLife $ 178
Plymouth Rock $ 180
Clearcover $ 181

How much does insurance cost a Chevrolet Colorado

the Colorado is ready for anything you throw at it, just as tough and outdoors as its namesake. This midsize truck is ready to flex its muscles. Chevy says the truck is "such a show-off" and it deserves to boast for winning the 2020 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award.

But before you flee on your next adventure, what guidelines are you going to use on this high-horsepower workhorse? Well, you could say Clearcover is the clear winner, and Travelers and Plymouth Rock are within $ 10. And when the sticker price starts at $ 25,200, you might be surprised to find 18 companies to choose from Insurance tariffs under $ 200. Many Colorado Owners will find this price to be well below their monthly payment.

insurance company Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost for a Chevrolet Colorado
Clearcover $ 124
traveler $ 130
Plymouth Rock $ 132
Automatic movement $ 137
Nationwide $ 150
National General $ 160
Mile car $ 160
Safeco $ 160
elephant $ 163
mutual freedom $ 216

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Updated September 27, 2021

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