Greatest Honda Insurance 2021: quotes, evaluations

Everyone has a favorite make of car – some of us prefer Ford while others like Chevy. Regardless of which vehicle manufacturer you like best, it is important to know how the model can affect your overall impression Insurance tariffs. Let's look at an example Honda. There are more than 10 different models and each has a different monthly average Insurance rate.

Although the Honda model You choose plays a role in that Car insurance tariff You pay, several other factors that yours Insurance premiums as. To simplify the process, Assure offers a free platform that allows you to compare up to 20 different ones Insurance policies all on one screen to make sure you get the best price.

Honda car insurance costs

In the USA., the average year Car insurance costs is s $ 1,968 or $ 164 per month for liability insurance only and $ 3,876 or $ 323 per month for full coverage. The make of your car can have a significant impact on these costs.

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If you are thinking of buying new HondaIt is important to remember that the model you choose will have a significant impact on the Motor insurance offers You will receive from freight forwarders. For example a Honda vehicle like the Odyssey costs only $ 160 a month to insure while a Honda Accord Insurance The plan can go up to $ 258 per month.

Ultimately, there are several reasons why the price can fluctuate between different models. Some of the biggest factors that affect the cost of Insurance coverage contain:

  • Accessibility
  • Updated Safety devices
  • Safety assessments
  • Anti-theft upgrades to protect against vandalism and theft
Honda model Average monthly insurance costs
Honda Civic $ 272
Honda Accord $ 258
Honda CR-V $ 180
Honda fit $ 195
Honda pilot $ 183
Honda HR-V $ 215
Honda Odyssey $ 160
Honda insight $ 234
Honda Accord Cross tour $ 210
Honda CR-Z $ 199
Honda Ridgeline $ 165
Honda Cross tour $ 199
Honda clarity $ 252
Honda passport $ 197

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How much does it cost to insure a Honda Odyssey

the Honda Odyssey is an excellent option for Honda Driver looking for one new vehicle that has a low average month Insurance premium. The vehicle doesn't just have an average Insurance rate from $ 160 per month, but there are also several airlines like Mile Auto and Travelers that offer plans under $ 115.

Insurance carrier Average monthly insurance costs
Mile car $ 109
Automatic movement $ 109
Clearcover $ 111
traveler $ 114
National General $ 119

How much does it cost to insure a Honda Ridgeline

Motorists in the market for a pickup truck that can be used tow away and recreational activities should be the Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline not only combines comfort and convenience, it also has low monthly insurance costs. Several Car insurance, including travelers, offer affordable coverage under $ 120 per month.

Insurance carrier Average monthly insurance costs
traveler $ 103
Clearcover $ 112
Nationwide $ 120
SafeAuto $ 132
Safeco $ 134

How much does it cost to insure a Honda CR-V

the Honda CR-V is another fantastic option for drivers who want a reliable low-cost vehicle Insurance premium. A popular choice in the Honda Community has the CR-V excellent Safety assessments. Mile Auto and 21st Century have the cheapest insurance coverage, with deals starting at just $ 103 per month.

Insurance carrier Average monthly insurance costs
Mile car $ 103
21st century $ 103
Clearcover $ 107
traveler $ 109
Kemper preferred $ 109

How much does it cost to insure a Honda pilot

Known for their longevity, Honda pilots great vehicles for young drivers from 16 toyear old and up. In addition to their ability to last for years, pilots also offer some important ones Safety devices. Another factor that is one Honda pilot the low monthly average is desirable Car insurance Costs. Currently owners can Receive offers as low as $ 115 a month.

Insurance carrier Average monthly insurance costs
21st century $ 115
Clearcover $ 115
traveler $ 119
Automatic movement $ 121
Mile car $ 124

How much does it cost to insure a Honda fit

the Honda fit is an excellent vehicle for any driver, which is often considered a reliable option among drivers Honda Driver. As FIT is known for its Safety assessments and longevity, many providers offer competitive prices for monthly premiums. Insurance carriers offer rates as low as $ 103 per month for FIT coverage.

Insurance carrier Average monthly insurance costs
Mile car $ 103
21st century $ 109
traveler $ 118
Clearcover $ 119
Automatic movement $ 125

Cheap Honda car insurance in minutes

No matter which Honda The car that you ultimately choose, it is important that you have the appropriate insurance coverage. In addition to a policy with collision and comprehensive coverage, it may be useful to add covers, such as Gap insurance or Roadside assistance. To make your decision easier, Assure allows you to compare guidelines on one page.

To get started, just answer a few questions and Assure will provide you with a list of the offers for which you qualify.

Updated October 29, 2021

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