Greatest Least expensive Renters Insurance in Oregon (2021)

Oregon is consistently considered one of the top states people move to, and there is good reason for that. Filled with one of the most diverse landscapes in the USA, Beaver State is an outdoor lover's paradise with mountains, deserts, river valleys and the Pacific Ocean beneath its beautiful vistas. The mild climate, very bike-friendly cities, lots of tech jobs, and really delicious coffee make Oregon a great state to call home.

Because of the high cost of living in Oregon, many newcomers are choosing to rent rather than buy, especially in cities like Portland. Oregon Smart Renters Invest in a tenant insuranceespecially if some landlords require proof of insurance before renting a house or apartment.

What is tenant insurance? It's a lot like Homeowner insurancebut it is intended for people renting a property. It belongs to a responsible tenant. The landlord's rental terms only apply to the building, so you'll need one tenant insurance to cover yours personal property in case of fire, accident or theft. You have the Peace of mind knowing that you don't have to replace your things out of pocket.

Insurance coverage for tenants three basic areas of coverage.

Liability insurance protects you in the event someone is injured in your home and may also cover certain types of Property damage. the personal liability A portion of your policy usually also covers legal fees and medical expenses for people who are injured on your property. Liability protection is important because legal fees and medical expenses can be extremely high.

Loss of benefit pays for additional living expenses which you have to pay if your house or apartment is temporarily uninhabitable due to covered damage. It helps reduce the cost of living elsewhere while your home is being repaired or replaced.

Personal property protection pays for the replacement of your property if it is caused by insured losses such as fire, smoke, wind, theft, Vandalism, or sure Natural disasters.

Read more about Insurance coverage for tenants with Assure& # 39; s instructions too pension insurance, also known as the HO-4 directive.

Tenant insurance for everyone

What Factors Determine the Cost of Renting Insurance in Oregon?

Degree of coverage

The type and Coverage You choose as well as the limits that you choose personal property and Liability insurance, will have a huge impact on yours Insurance premium for tenants.


All providers charge a Deductible– the amount you pay out of pocket to have your claim processed. When your plan is high Deductible, you will get an offer for a lower premium. If you want a lower one Deductible, Her Offer for tenant insurance be higher because the insurer knows that he will have to pay more in the event of a claim.

Property value

Quality properties have higher insurance premiums because of that insurer have to pay more to fix or replace them.

Type of stay

An expensive home costs more in insurance than a bare apartment because of that Insurance claims on the house will be higher when a disaster occurs. The premiums are priced accordingly.


Good credit can help you get better deals on all sorts of things, from loans and credit cards to discounts on rental insurance. insurer believe that people with low credit scores are more likely to make claims, which is why they typically charge them higher premiums.

Own pets

Pets can make your rental insurance cost more money, especially if you have a dog that could bite someone.

Oregon-specific factors

Not all Oregon renters pay the same Insurance tariffs for tenants. Pricing can be influenced by many city-specific variables, from your zip code to the number of claims filed nearby. Neighborhoods that insurer considered low-risk have lower premiums, while places with risks such as bad weather or high crime rates pay more.

How do you find Insurance for cheap tenants in Oregon

Find cheap tenant insurance is not impossible even in a high cost of living state like Oregon. Here are some ways you can lower your premiums.

Shop around and compare offers

Obtaining multiple quotes is the best way to get around save money. Different insurer offers different types of insurance for the same house or apartment.

Consider bundling

Are you taking a car to Oregon? Many insurer gives you a discount for bundling home and Car insurance together.

Install safety devices

Adding security devices will lower your risk of serious damage and make your property more attractive for insurance. Think about a. to install Burglar alarm and smoke alarms.

Automatic payment discount and other offers

Many insurer have other offers that you can take advantage of. A popular one is a discount for setting up automatic payments. Other offers your insurer can offer:

  • No-claims discounts for unreported damage
  • Pay premiums in full for the whole year
  • Paperless bank statements

Best company for Insurance for cheap tenants in Oregon

The cheapest company for one person may not be the cheapest for another as the cost depends on many factors, such as: B. your specific risk profile. However, these three providers tend to fall on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

District farm

District farmAccording to ValuePenguin, the average premium in Oregon is only $ 12 per month. His customer service is well respected and was shown in the US Home Insurance Study – Renters Insurance by J.D. Power ranks highest among any company in Oregon.

It has a couple Coverage options, including earthquake coverage, which is beneficial if you live near the Cascadia Fault.


Travel insurance is a good buy if you have specific coverage needs. It offers optional cover to the Water reserve, extended liability and equipment failure. Not all insurer Offer this up. So when you need them, Travelers can be a surefire choice. However, it doesn't offer earthquake insurance, which can be a disadvantage for you if you live near the Cascadia fault line.

Travelers also require that you take out the policy in annual installments rather than offering the option of a monthly payment.

Farmer Insurance

Farmers Insurance is a good choice for college students and young renters who don't own a lot of property. It's affordable, too average price from $ 12 per month, and tenant insurance is only $ 4,000 – perfect for those who don't bring much. Lower policy limits also mean lower premiums.

Farmers don't offer much optional cover. You can get Identity theft and Replacement costs Protection from them, but they do not provide additional protection for valuable items or Water reserve.

What is home contents insurance – and what does it cover?

Coverage type What it (usually!) Covers What is (usually!) Not covered
liability Can cover medical payments or property bills if you accidentally damage someone else's property or if a guest is injured in your home Any liability costs your Coverage limit, Damage to your personal property, additional living expenses
Personal property The cost of repairing or replacing your personal possessions should they be damaged or stolen Damage on personal property about your Coverage limit, Liability claims or additional living expenses
Additional living expenses Additional coverage for hotel bills or other living expenses if your current residence is damaged or otherwise uninhabitable The cost of repairing damage to your rented apartment (your Landlord insurance Politics can cover that)

frequently asked Questions

How much does rental insurance cost in Oregon?

The average cost of rental insurance in Oregon is $ 165 per year, $ 20 less than the national average, according to The Zebra.

What is the best rental insurance in Oregon?

Safeco is a very popular insurance company for renters in Oregon and they tend to offer cheaper rates. The state's largest insurance companies are State Farm, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, USAA, and Allstate.

Can I get a discount if I buy my car and renter insurance as a package?

Most insurers also offer bundle discounts in addition to other offers. If you're not sure if a company offers this, ask an insurance agent or visit the company's website.

How can I compare insurance offers quickly and easily?

Try Insurify, an easy way to get quotes from many top insurers. The research only takes a few minutes.

How to Find the Best, Cheapest Insurance Deals in Oregon

Looking for the cheapest insurance in Oregon? It all starts with comparing quotes from insurer. Get the deals you need to make a decision by shopping with Assurewith which you can compare guidelines with just a few clicks.

Updated September 15, 2021

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