Greatest Most cost-effective Renters Insurance in Ohio (2021)

Ohio has a lot more to offer than the "Three Cs" – Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. How else could agriculture be the largest industry in the country? Nevertheless, the 11.5 million inhabitants of Ohio are densely packed – and a third are tenants.

Whether or not your landlord requires you to get tenant insurance, this is an affordable way to put your mind at ease that you probably didn't even know you wanted. Ohio Tenants have many options for cheap tenant insurance; We'll be recommending a few in this article. But first, what is renter insurance and why should you consider buying a policy?

Insurance coverage for tenants usually has three main components: Liability insurance, Loss of benefit, and Personal property protection. These may not be familiar to you, so let's quickly go over them:

Offers for tenant insurance Liability insurance to protect you from being sued if someone is injured in your home. the Policy covers Medical bills that could result from an accident, e.g. B. if someone falls down your stairs – and the legal fees if they sue you.

Loss of use coverage is helpful when you need to evacuate your home for repairs because of damage that is covered by your policy.

Personal property protection (also called personal possessions) will reimburse you for your belongings for the covered damage to yours tenant insurance, to like vandalism or theft.

One quick caveat: you won't have guaranteed coverage for every situation. Always read the policy carefully with yours Insurance agent, and remember that these protections only apply if the insurer governs your claim to be what it is "covered loss. "

Many Ohio Renters Insurance also comes with additional cover, to like Identity theft protection and Pet insurance. There are a surprising number of benefits to such an affordable policy.

Buying a new insurance policy is a good time to get quotes on all of your insurance policies and try to save money. Is not only Assure Your point of contact for information on pension insurance, but our free quote comparison tool will help you get quotes from across the industry to ensure you're getting the best prices for Car insurance, Life insurance and anything else you might need.

Tenant insurance for everyone

What factors determine the cost of tenant insurance in Ohio?

You have no control over many of the factors that determine yours Insurance premium for tenants, but it is important to keep them in mind as you begin your search for the best guideline.

Degree of coverage

It goes without saying that the less coverage you need, the lower your insurance premium. The cheapest policies are usually no frills, with less Coverage options and Add-ons and medium level Coverage Limits. But put that Coverage of your policies carefully, because if you don't set them high enough, what's the point?


Her Deductible is the amount you always have to pay before Your cover kicks in. So if you have your Deductible, think twice because you will have to pay for it immediately to receive a refund covered loss. If you can afford to set a higher value Deductible, benefit from a lower premium. But do the math carefully – it's not always worth it.

Property value

Expensive properties are more expensive to insure. That's the simple truth!

Type of stay

Likewise, apartments with a smaller number of square meters and fewer residents are cheaper to insure than tenants who live in a house with four bedrooms with three children and four dogs.


Almost every insurer takes your creditworthiness into account when hiring yours Insurance premium for tenants. But it won't make you or break you. Here are some of our tips for Boost your credit score by 100 points in 30 days.

Own pets

Having pets can force you to get Liability insurance If medical expenses caused by a dog bite, or objects being peed on or chewed while you are away. And they will increase your prices slightly. But you can find a pet-friendly guideline; it just takes some extra shopping!

Ohio-Specific factors

The rental goes back in Ohio, but rental prices are increasing, which is slightly above the cost of tenant insurance National average. Ohio is a temperate state with low risk of hurricanes and other major storms. But if you live on that Ohio Flow in Cincinnati Or elsewhere, you should consider flood insurance.

(Infogram showing the average cost of tenant insurance in Ohio compared to New York, California, Florida, and Texas (or for cities – NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston))

How to find affordable tenant insurance in Ohio

It's not that hard to find cheap tenant insurance, and with a few tricks you can steadily reduce costs and take advantage of your specific situation to get the best deal from the company that offers you the most discounts.

Shop around and compare offers

Don't go with the first one insurance company that offers you a Ohio Tenant Insurance Policy. Shop and negotiate. There are many insurer out there.

Consider Bundling

The best way to start buying rental deposit insurance is one Offer for tenant insurance of the insurance company that sells you yours too Car policy. Bundle – also called Multi-policy discounts—Provide huge profits for Policyholder that combine Car insurance with others Coverage options. Companies love to reward loyalty.

Install safety devices

A security system and safety equipment is a standard discount that Insurance companies Offer for tenant insurance.

Automatic discount and other offers

If you manage your account responsibly by setting up automatic payments, signing up for paperless billing, or even prepaying your annual premium, you can get discounts if you are reliable.

Best insurance for cheap tenants in Ohio

Some of the greatest Insurance companies are strongly represented in the industry Ohio and they are good options to consider for yourself Insurance coverage for tenants.

District farm

When it comes to you and yours Rental object, District farm will generally have what most customers need at competitive prices. One disadvantage: when you need a lot Coverage options, District farm& # 39; s guidelines are pretty limited.


Headquarters in Columbus, Nationwide is a global one insurance company with an excellent reputation, providing solid policies for Ohio Renters Insurance. It's a good place to bundle car insurance and has no limits Personal property protection.

mutual freedom

Liberty Mutual is touted for its affordability. College students take note: you can choose low limits for Personal property protection. So if your space is small and does not contain a lot of valuable, you can benefit from a lower premium.


USAA offers fantastic prices and a surprising selection Coverage options. One particular advantage is that theirs Tenant Insurance contain Replacement costs Insurance coverage that gives you the full cost of getting your back personal property as good as new when you make one Insurance claim. (Most companies only pay for the depreciation of what you've lost.)

What is home contents insurance – and what does it cover?

But wait. What's all the talk about tenant insurance all about? Why should you buy it? What does Insurance coverage for tenants? Let's get the basics out of the way:

Tenant insurance protects you from a number of bad things that are on your side Rental object. It's similar to Home insuranceBut it's for a place that doesn't belong to you

While your landlord's insurance covers damage to the building itself, tenant insurance protects you from Property damage and theft, along with Personal liability insurance in case someone gets hurt. There's a little more to it than that, so here's a nice diagram that explains the basics:

Coverage type What it (usually!) Covers What is (usually!) Not covered
liability Can cover medical payments or property bills if you accidentally damage someone else's property or if a guest is injured in your home Any liability costs your Coverage limit, Damage to your personal property, additional living expenses
Personal property The cost of repairing or replacing your personal possessions should they be damaged or stolen Damage on personal property about your Coverage limit, Liability claims or additional living expenses
Additional living expenses Additional coverage who pays for hotel bills or other living expenses if your current residence is damaged or otherwise uninhabitable The cost of repairing damage to your rented apartment (your Insurance policy of the landlord can cover that)

frequently asked Questions

How much does rental insurance cost in Ohio?

While it can vary widely depending on the rental property, insurance rates for renters in Ohio are in line with the national average, around $ 15 per month.

What is the best rental insurance in Ohio?

State Farm and Nationwide dominate the roost; If you have low coverage needs and great prices, try Liberty Mutual.

Can I get a discount if I buy my car and rental insurance as a package?

Absolutely! Insurance companies call this a multi-policy discount. Do your best to take advantage of one.

How can I compare insurance offers quickly and easily?

Sign up with Insurify for the best and fastest quote comparison service to ensure your insurance policy is what you deserve. It's free and only takes a few minutes!

How to find the best and cheapest insurance deals in Ohio

Choose the right one insurance company is a very personal process. With Assure, you can compare offers from across the industry to find the one that is right for you. Start with Home insurance offers Save money right away and then get started Bundling!

Updated September 20, 2021

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