Hartford Settlement Enchantment Resumed – Enterprise Insurance

The South Carolina Court of Appeals on Wednesday retried an appeal against The Hartford Financial Group Inc. in a settlement proceeding after failing to file its motion on time due to a typographical error.

The workers' compensation issue began when Hartford attempted to enforce a lien on a settlement that was rejected by a single commissioner and then appealed to the entire South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission, according to documents in Tammy Jordan v. The Hartford Financial Group, Inc . emerges. , filed in the South Carolina Court of Appeals in Columbia.

Following Hartford's appeal, a briefing plan and notice of the appeal hearing were served, stating that the applicant's pleading on the 12th of who the applicants or defendants were, according to court records.

A paralegal for Hartford's attorney mistakenly believed Hartford was the defendant and planned that his pleading would be due on May 27 instead of May 12. The attorney explained the mix-up and immediately moved to reopen his appeal against the rule of "good cause" based on "honest human error." The commission denied "without justification", it is said in documents. Hartford appealed.

In its opinion, the appellate court judges called the commission's reasoning for denying an important reason "a mystery" and found the commission’s summary refusal to be “arbitrary and an abuse of power” to reopen Hartford’s original appeal.

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