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When you take out homeowners insurance, your policy includes a maximum coverage, which is the maximum amount of money the insurance company will pay you in the event of a covered loss. If your home is worth a certain amount of money, you can get quality home insurance, which usually has a higher insurance limit for more protection.

What is a high quality home?

Your home must meet certain criteria in order to take out quality homeowner insurance. From an insurance company's perspective, a good quality home typically has a replacement cost value of $ 750,000 or more. The replacement cost value is the amount of money it would cost to restore a home to its original condition. It is not the same as the home market price.

When calculating the home's replacement cost, the insurance company takes into account the total cost of rebuilding beyond the foundation and exterior construction. It also includes the cost of flooring, cabinets, roofs, built-in appliances, and more. Even a modest home can have a high cost of replacement when you consider all of these factors together.

What does high-quality home insurance cover?

Luxury home insurance and standard home insurance have several major differences, particularly in terms of type and coverage. Here are some of the things you can get with quality home insurance:

Higher coverage limits

High quality homeowner insurance policies have broader coverage than traditional home insurance. Many luxury home insurance policies cover your home and personal property at their replacement cost on an open risk basis. You may also get higher coverage limits on valuable items or additional perks if you lose usage coverage.

Additional coverage

Wealthy home insurance may include additional coverage not normally found in standard home insurance. For example, many high quality homeowner insurance policies can include free coverage for water assistance, landscaping, identity theft, and commercial real estate.

Policy benefits

Some high quality home insurance companies also offer special perks for policyholders. The specific benefits vary depending on the insurer. However, some perks include free home appraisals, a cash settlement option in the event of a total loss, deductive waivers for certain losses, and risk advice to help reduce risk in your home.

Dedicated customer service

When you take out quality homeowner insurance, you may have access to dedicated customer service. When this happens, policyholders are sometimes matched with a concierge or personal representative who can file claims, schedule appraisals, find and hire contractors, and book a hotel on your behalf when you need to use your coverage for downtime.

Best company for high quality home insurance

Companies J.D. Power Score Average annual premium for housing coverage of $ 750,000
Chubb 778/1000 $ 2,709
PURE insurance N / A $ 1,839
AIG private customer 809/1000 Prices not available
Nationwide private customer 808/1000 $ 1,969

The best companies for quality homeowner insurance are Chubb, PURE Insurance, AIG Private Client, and Nationwide Private Client. These companies offer a cash settlement option, increased coverage limits for valuables, temporary housing, and replacement costs for your home and personal effects.

It is important to note with these companies that they have below average customer satisfaction ratings. In J.D. Power, Chubb, AIG and Nationwide were below the industry averages. PURE Insurance is not rated at all. However, all four companies have excellent financial strength ratings from AM Best.

The cost of high quality homeowner insurance

In the United States, the average annual premium for high quality home insurance with $ 750,000 home coverage is $ 2,568, which is roughly $ 214 per month. In comparison, the average annual premium for standard home insurance with home coverage of $ 250,000 is $ 1,477, which is roughly $ 123 per month.

Remember that the cost of homeowner insurance is different for everyone. The premiums are calculated based on many factors including your state, zip code, age, credit history, claim history, the type of policy you purchased, coverage, your chosen deductible, and the discounts available.

How Much Quality Homeowner Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of quality home insurance you need should be based on the replacement cost value of your home. For example, if it cost $ 1.5 million to completely restore your home to its original condition, including interior work, you would want to get at least $ 1.5 million home insurance.

For personal property insurance, you should have sufficient coverage to replace all of your personal effects, including clothing, furniture, appliances, and decor. The best way to appreciate the value of your belongings is to do a home inventory. You should also have adequate liability insurance to cover your finances in the event of a legal dispute.

Things to Consider When Buying Quality Homeowner Insurance

When taking out quality home insurance, make sure you get adequate coverage for your situation, especially if this is your first time home insurance. Choose an insurance company that offers a dedicated customer concierge and use their expertise to create a bespoke policy that can help limit risk and ensure adequate coverage for your home and personal effects.

Another important point is the price. Luxury home insurance is usually more expensive than standard insurance. To get cheap home insurance, shop around and compare offers from multiple providers to ensure you get the lowest price possible. Also, look for insurance companies that offer discounts that you can take advantage of.

frequently asked Questions

What is the best homeowner insurance?

The best homeowner insurance varies from person to person. It depends on what type of coverage you need, where you live and how much you want to spend.

What information do I need to get a home insurance quote?

Getting a quote on home insurance can be pretty easy, and many home insurance companies offer an online quote generator. You will need to provide your personal information such as your birthday and address, as well as information about your home, such as: B. the area, the materials it was built with, and whether the home was previously insured.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2021 rates for all zip codes and airlines in all 50 states and Washington, DC. The tariffs given are based on 40-year-old male and female homeowners with a clean history of damage, good creditworthiness and the following coverage limits:

  • Coverage A Apartment: $ 750,000
  • Coverage B, Other Structures: USD 25,000
  • Coverage C, Personal Property: $ 125,000
  • Coverage D, Loss of Use: $ 150,000
  • Cover E Liability: $ 500,000
  • Coverage F, Medical Payments: $ 1,000

Homeowners also have a $ 1,000 deductible and a separate wind and hail deductible (if required).

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes. Your offers will be different.

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