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Getting a new insurance quote every year can be a real agony as there are many questions to answer in addition to taking out an annual policy. Hiro aims to make things easier with an ongoing monthly contract that you can cancel at any time and discounts on any smart home product you have.

Although you can get a basic quote through the website, the Hiro app (Android and iOS) makes things easier.

First, the app automatically pulls information about your home, including the number of bedrooms you have, the year it was built, the type of roof, and the cost of rebuilding it.

Next, it can search your network for detected smart devices, a service that is in beta. When testing my home network, Hiro found my Lightwave RF Bridge, but nothing else: router capabilities matter. However, I could manually add the devices I have from the list of manufacturers and devices provided.

Why a discount for owners of smart home devices?

“Those who invest in intelligent technology are less risky,” says Krystian Zajac, CEO and co-founder of Hiro. "It shows that you care more about your home."

Get discounts on a range of smart devices, including Sonos or Amazon Echo speakers; intelligent security, including the ring alarm; and smart lighting like Philips Hue.

You get a bigger discount if you have a water leak sensor in your home (water is a major reason for insurance claim payouts): My Geo Waterlock system gave me a huge discount with an overall deal less than my current insurance.

future plans

Currently, if you add devices manually, you can self-certify with Hiro, although you may need to prove you own this kit to make a claim. Going forward, the company plans to automate things by linking it to your smart accounts, knowing what kit you have, and even a discount when you add new devices.

"In the future we will link your accounts," explains Zajac. "You are automatically rewarded when devices are added."

Hiro is currently home-only and offers both home and home insurance. Household contents insurance will soon also be offered for homeowners. There are plans to cover landlords through Airbnb as well.

“The next big thing for us is an Airbnb add-on,” says Zajac. "We can integrate with Airbnb's API and only cover you when someone is in the house."


Hiro is now available to UK customers with free offers through the app. The service is taken over by the French insurance company Wakam and Hiro is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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