House insurance: declare flood injury – which mortgage

Homeowners are being offered advice on how to deal with flooding after heavy rains caused damage, road closures and power outages in London this weekend.

Torrential rains hit the south-east of England, with the capital being hit the hardest, suffering from flooding from streets and underground stations.

Now financial experts are advising homeowners who have to take out their home insurance due to damage caused by the rain at the weekend.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, stated that there are several steps you need to take immediately to ensure that your application is successful.

He said, “If your home has been hit by flood damage, you should speak to your insurer as soon as possible. You may need to take emergency measures to minimize the effects of the water until they can process your claim and make proper repairs. "

Gather Evidence

He also advised homeowners to take photos and videos of the damage and note the time of the damage so that the insurer can check this against the weather reports.

"When making your claim, submit photos and videos 'beforehand' if you have them to prove the condition of your property prior to the flood," he added.

Check your policy

It is also advisable to double-check the details of your policy to make sure you have the proper flood protection, as the home insurance that is part of your policy pays out on structural damage, not household effects.

Salman said, "If you are a homeowner who only has home insurance, the damaged items in the house should be covered, but any damage to the property itself should not be accounted for."

Outside space

He added, "Most home insurance policies offer little protection for property outside of your home, such as the garden or driveway, although it is always worth checking your documents and speaking with your provider."

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