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Home insurance military discounts

Below we have listed home insurance for military personnel and veterans. The military on active duty should compare policies from military insurance companies as they take into account deployment and other situations specific to the military on active duty.


The most common choice for active military personnel is USAA because they offer many financial services such as bundling home and auto insurance and military personnel benefits

USAA is highly rated for its customer service, coverage options, and affordable policies that include coverage for fire, theft, storms, earthquakes, home sharing, and military uniform.

Their policies are considered affordable and customer reviews report that they are "alert, thorough and quick in the insurance claims process" .3

  • Advantages: There are a handful of different discounts offered by USAA such as:
  • Disadvantage: USAA eligibility is granted only to military personnel and their families, and USAA customers are not available to local agents or insurance brokers. There may also be fewer discounts than competitors.

Army insurance

Armed Forces Insurance is another military-specific insurance company that includes coverage for your home and belongings, liability insurance, medical payments, and downtime insurance.

“I have insured my home and its contents with the Armed Forces Insurance Exchange (AFIE) for many years and found the service to be excellent and the prices reasonably priced. If you are a military member and you are in the insurance market, join AFIE. You are dedicated to serving members of the military … "

You can also add additional coverage options to your policy, such as: They also have many discounts to help you lower your premium such as:

They provide condominium coverage with the AFI policy that protects the interior of the condominium. They also offer tenant insurance, and their AFI tenant insurance provides personal liability insurance for military personnel.

  • Advantages: Army insurance is best for endorsements that are changes to your policy that adjust your coverage. They also offer more discounts compared to other providers like USAA and GEICO.
  • Disadvantage: Unfortunately, this insurance provider has fewer products than competitors like Allstate and State Farm, and doesn't offer 24/7 customer service either.


GEICO works with military organizations to offer discounts on insurance. Associations covered include the Association of the United States Army, the Navy League of the United States, and the Armed Forces Benefit Association.

One thing that sets GEICO apart is the emergency response discount that the military on active duty can get when they are ordered to one of the Defense Department designated areas and their vehicle is stored under their approved warehouse protection plan

  • Advantages: Because GEICO works with military organizations, they offer many discounts that their competitors may not have, such as discounts for bundling, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in your home, and discounts for security systems.
  • Disadvantage: All insurance products purchased through GEICO must go through an insurance insurer. To receive their quote, GEICO customers must speak to an insurance agent.


Farmers Insurance offers members of the military and armed forces veterans an affinity discount of 2-8%, depending on the state .6 Your standard home insurance includes home insurance that covers weather damage. It also includes coverage for damage to detached garages and other additional structures on your property.

  • Advantages: This insurance provider offers affinity or professional discounts that allow customers in professions such as the military to take advantage of discounts on their home insurance.
  • Disadvantage: Family members who are distantly related to members of the military are less likely to be eligible for military discounts.


Progressive is another insurance company that offers discounts to veterans. They offer homeowner insurance through a network of insurers called the Progressive Home Advantage Network, which varies by state. Because they use third-party providers, it can be difficult to make a claim depending on who your provider ultimately is.

Like the USAA, Progressive is committed to hiring current and former military personnel and their spouses to understand the needs of the customers they serve.7 Their commitment to supporting current and former military personnel and their families is that they are 100% Difference payments to conscripts and reservists, ongoing medical benefits for reservists in active service and their relatives, as well as additional vacation credits during military service leave.

  • Advantages: Progressive offers discounts for current and former military personnel through third-party providers. Some other discounts they offer include early registration, home insurance, prepayment, and paperless walking. They also offer a HomeQuote tool that customers can use to compare different home insurance rates.
  • Disadvantage: Since Progressive does not offer its own home insurance, customers cooperate with third-party providers. There are also better discounts for bundling home and auto insurance with competitors.

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