Houston Flood Insurance: Information for Householders 2021

How can I get flood insurance in Houston?

Houston flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and from private insurance companies.

Houston usually does not require Homeowner Take out flood insurance. But the city is a prime place for tropical storms and flooding, and a policy can help protect your home and valuables Flood damage.

In a city as prone to flooding as Houston, you need to consider taking out flood insurance. It is an excellent addition to your existing one Home insurance Cover.

And if you are looking for one Household insurance, Assure can help. the Home insurance The Quotation Comparison Tool can help you find the right insurance coverage to protect you and your family.

Do I need flood insurance in Houston?

Most Homeowner You don't need to take out flood insurance. A mortgage Lender You can ask for it when using a government-sponsored mortgage to buy a home in a flood risk area – but otherwise, you probably won't think about it.

But consider: that too best Houston Homeowner insurance habit Cover flood damage, and Harris County experienced 134 flood events between 1996 and 2019.

So do you need flood insurance? Houston? It depends. In general, if you can afford to remodel your home and belongings without the help of one insurance company or a loan, you may not need it.

The average flood damage payout from the National flood insurance program (NFIP) was $ 52,000 in 2019 – most Homeowner not sitting around so much money. A Houston Flood insurance is a surefire way to protect yourself from financial damage if a flood destroys your property.

Flood insurance goes beyond the coverage of a standard Homeowner Politics. It covers more severe types of water damage, such as Heavy rain and strong coastal storms.

Your decision to buy a policy may depend on you Flood zone, even. But outside of a. Life High risk flood zone does not mean that high water will not reach you.

According to Harris County Flood Control District, you might want to buy coverage no matter where you live – nearly 70 percent of the time Claims from flood insurance after Hurricane Harvey came from properties outside the 100-year-olds Floodplain.

Houston Flood zones

In Houston, you can use the … Harris County Flood detection tool to locate your flood risk. Put your address in that Flood map Search box to find out if you've been in a flood, 100 years Floodplain, or 500 years Floodplain.

Knowing your zone is important. It is a primary factor that can determine yours Flood risk. However, United States National Coordination Unit for Disaster Relief (FEMA) the flood modeling may not be as reliable as you think.

Houston experienced three consecutive 500-year floods – one in May 2015, one in April 2016, and another in August 2017. The odds of a 1-in-500 event happening three times in a row are one in 125 million!

No matter where you live Houston, the Harris County The flood protection district recommends flood insurance to all residents.

What is covered with Houston Flood insurance?

default Homeowner The insurance cover does not include damage caused by flooding. Fortunately, it is just that Flood insurance covers.

Policies are usually divided into two types: Flood insurance coverage:

  • Building coverage
  • Content coverage

Houston Flood insurance Building coverage

Building coverage includes things like the structure of the house, the foundation, and the stairs. It also includes electrical and plumbing systems, stoves, water heater, Appliances, cabinets, freestanding garages and solar energy systems.

Policyholder will find that Building coverage of a NFIP The policy is capped at $ 250,000. Your policy limit could be higher if you take out private flood insurance.

Houston Flood insurance Content coverage

Content coverage Primarily protects yours personal property, such as clothing, furniture, and electronic devices. It also includes curtains, portable and window air conditioners, washers and dryers, and valuable items such as works of art and furs.

Property protection of a NFIP The policy is capped at $ 100,000. Your policy limit could be higher if you take out private flood insurance.

What is not covered with Houston Flood insurance?

You don't want a devastating one Flood loss to blind you so it is best to understand what is not covered before you need it.

A typical one Flood insurance must not cover:

  • Water damage that was not directly caused by flooding
  • Temporary living when your home becomes uninhabitable while the repair is being carried out
  • Landscaping, fountains, sewage treatment plants, fences, hot tubs, and swimming pools
  • Currency, Precious Metals and Stock Certificates
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Personal items that are kept in basements

Your policy may provide some protection for items stored in your basement, but coverage varies and is not guaranteed. Most guidelines have one waiting period 30 days before coverage kicks in, so don't wait for it to be covered.

What is it? Flood insurance costs in Houston?

How much you pay for flood insurance depends on several factors. However, after the Texas Ministry of Insurance, the average Flood Policy Costs about $ 700 a year.

You could be paying less than $ 500 a year if you are outside of one High risk area. When you rent your living space, your costs are even lower.

FEMA changes the flood risk calculation and the changes may affect your rates. The restructuring is known as Risk Rating 2.0 and promises a tailor-made risk for each individual property.

Houston Public media reported that 86 percent of the Texans With federal flood insurance, they could pay more under the new program, which is expected to be published in 2022.

How to get one Flood Insurance Policy in Houston

A few inches of flood water in your home can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Getting flood insurance can help you protect the life you've built.

When purchasing or renewing a policy, refer to your current one Homeowner or pension insurance Providers. Her insurance company or Insurance agent can provide you with a policy on that NFIP or a private one flood insurance company.

National flood insurance program (NFIP)

the NFIP is a Federal government Program that provides affordable flood insurance to residents of the United States, and Houston participates in the program.

However, you are not buying a policy directly from the government, you are buying them NFIP Partner with over 60 private Insurance companies sell the policies. visit Floodsmart.gov to Find a participating agent near you.

If your insurer doesn't sell flood insurance, Texas The Department of Insurance recommends calling 1 (800) 427-4661 for assistance.

Private flood insurance

Private Flood insurance are a second possibility. Although policy limits are typically higher, insurance coverage can be unreliable. A private one insurer decide not to renew or even cancel your policy.

But it's an excellent option for Homeowner or renter with possessions worth more than that NFIP Flood Insurance Policy Lid. Besides, if you have a Flood insurance offer, some Homeowner find that private insurance is cheaper.

Don't wait to buy Houston Flood insurance

Even though Houston Flood insurance is not usually required, so buying a policy is a smart move. default Homeowner insurance not Cover flood damage, and many areas in the city are at significant risk of flooding. A policy can protect you and your family after a flood event.

Most Flood insurance Have 30 days waiting period before insurance coverage starts. The high water season is going to come before you know it, so don't wait to buy the protection you need.

Homeowner in Houston can also benefit from updating their. benefit Home insurance Cover. Assure can help you compare offers and coverage options from top providers.

Compare and save today.

Updated August 27, 2021

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