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Tampa motorists often complain about the cost of auto insurance. But how much does car insurance in Tampa, Florida really cost?

The average driver in Tampa, Florida pays around $ 1,779 a year for fully comprehensive insurance, which is hundreds of dollars above the national average.

Why is Tampa Auto Insurance So Expensive? How Can You Save Money On Auto Insurance In Tampa?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cost of auto insurance in Tampa, Florida – and how you can save hundreds per year on auto insurance in Tampa.

The average Tampa driver pays $ 1,779 a year for auto insurance

According to the average listings made available to our model driver profiles, the average driver in Tampa, Florida can expect to pay around $ 1,779 per year for fully comprehensive insurance.

By comparison, the average American pays around $ 1,450 per year for auto insurance.

In other words, Tampa drivers pay more than $ 300 more a year for auto insurance than the average American driver.

Why is Tampa Auto Insurance So Expensive?

Don't blame Tampa: Florida has notoriously high auto insurance prices. In fact, Florida is routinely one of the top five most expensive US states for auto insurance. Florida is currently the third most expensive state for auto insurance, behind Michigan and Louisiana.

Tampa is a big city too. Drivers in large cities typically pay more for car insurance than drivers in small towns. Tampa has more roads, more drivers, and more traffic jams than rural areas in the state. Some areas of Tampa also have high crime rates, which can drive insurance premiums up even further.

Others blame Florida's insurance laws. Florida is one of the few states where drivers are required to wear Personal Protection (PIP). Approximately 20% of your Florida auto insurance premiums go to PIP. PIP covers the medical costs and the associated bills after an accident.

Florida also has higher rates from uninsured drivers. Nearly 20% of Florida drivers do not have auto insurance, which is much higher than the national average of around 13%. Some studies even suggest that nearly 27% of Florida drivers drive illegally without insurance. Collisions with uninsured motorists cost Florida insurance companies thousands of dollars a year.

As medical costs and the cost of car repairs increase every year, car insurance in Tampa becomes more and more expensive.

Why Tampa Auto Insurance Could Be Even More Expensive

While auto insurance is expensive in Tampa, it could be even more expensive.

Tampa has no winter weather or mountain passes that make driving dangerous in other states, for example.

Florida also has low coverage limits compared to other states. While other states require drivers to wear liability insurance of 25/50/25 or higher, Florida only charges $ 10,000 in property damage liability coverage.

Florida's low liability limits are a double-edged sword, however: drivers who wish to carry more than this minimum insurance amount in Tampa pay higher rates. For example, if you want 100/300/100 coverage for extra protection and security, you can end up paying significantly more for auto insurance.

How To Save Money On Auto Insurance In Tampa Florida

Auto insurance can be expensive in Tampa, Florida. However, there are ways to save money on car insurance, including:

Compare offers: You have hundreds of options for auto insurance in Tampa. Shop at different companies to save hundreds.

Benefit from discounts: Insurers offer discounts for safe driving, safety features, running multiple policies, and more.

Practice defensive driving: Florida has one of the highest accident rates in the United States. Statistically, Florida drivers are among the worst in the nation. Practice defensive driving to avoid damage and higher rewards.

Tampa auto insurance is expensive because drivers pay hundreds of dollars more per year for auto insurance than the national average. Compare quotes today to ensure you are getting the best possible deal on auto insurance in Tampa, Florida.

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