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Experience with car insurance claims is an essential aspect of any car insurance contract. When buying car insurance, you need to read through the selected insurer's claims process and assess whether it is going smoothly. Otherwise, you may experience significant inconvenience.

Ms. Neeti, for example, bought a
Car insurance policy after examining the various features of the plan, but without paying enough attention to the insurer's claims process. When her car was involved in a traffic accident and badly damaged, she immediately informed the insurance company, but did not receive help in time.

Since there were no network repair shops nearby, Neeti had to have her car repaired at a non-network repair shop. In addition, she faced several procedural delays in filing the claim for reimbursement. This example highlights the importance of choosing a car insurance provider with a seamless claims process and support mechanism for policyholders.

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The leading auto insurance companies in India provide timely assistance with auto insurance claims to their customers. All you have to do is notify the insurer in good time and they will help you report the damage, have your car checked for damage and help you transport your car to the nearest network workshop.

For example, Ms. Miraya selected Tata AIG, a car insurance provider with a customer-centric claims process, as her car insurance partner. When she needed help repairing her car after an accident, she was able to file an online claim and within hours, a car insurance inspector was hired to inspect her car. Immediately thereafter, her car was taken to a Tata AIG network repair shop where Miraya was able to get cashless insurance for her car.

Thanks to Tata AIG's partner network of more than 5,400 garages, Miraya was able to choose between three workshops just a few kilometers away. Since her car had to be in the garage for two days for extensive repairs, her car insurance partner provided her with a taxi voucher to avoid transport inconveniences while her car was being repaired. This enabled her to meet her professional obligations without having to use public transport.

Ms. Anjana, another Tata AIG auto policyholder, decided shortly after a car accident and after telling Tata AIG that she would take her car to a Tata AIG network repair shop. The car inspection was then carried out in the workshop by the car insurance inspector hired by Tata AIG. Therefore, you can either wait for the car inspection before taking your car to a workshop for repair or have the inspection carried out in the workshop.

From hinting at Tata AIG, to damaging their respective cars, to returning their cars after the necessary repairs were completed, the whole process was hassle-free for both Miraya and Anjana. In addition to a fast and smooth claims history, they also benefit from additional insurance such as breakdown assistance if their respective car broke down.

All of the above benefits brought in two very happy customers who found auto insurance claims convenient rather than complex.

Therefore, when choosing a car insurance provider, it is important to make sure they have:

1. A broad network of workshops for cashless insurance

2. A smooth and smooth complaint process

3. A high claims settlement rate

4. The flexibility to purchase additional insurance such as roadside assistance and zero depreciation

5. A team that can expand your 24/7 support team for your auto insurance claim

The Tata AIG claims team is on hand to guide you through the various steps of a
The process of auto insurance claims – from filing a claim to receiving reimbursements for car repairs in an off-grid garage. You can reach them by phone and email. You can also use the services of your WhatsApp chatbot. In addition, they will provide you with a replacement car while your car is being repaired, provided you have the additional daily allowance in your car insurance.

With a claims settlement rate of 98% in auto insurance for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, is one of the most trusted insurance providers in India. After reporting the damage directly to us, we have a response time of 4 hours. Therefore, we will initiate the vehicle inspection process for your vehicle insurance claim within this timeframe. However, this period only applies to applications submitted before 2:00 p.m.

We endeavor to be of assistance to you as soon as possible. Isn't that one of the reasons why you buy auto insurance in the first place ?!

Documents Required for a Car Insurance Claim

When submitting your motor insurance claim, there are certain documents you need to have handy, including the following:

1. A copy of your car's registration number

2. A copy of your driver's license

3. A copy of your car insurance policy

4. Properly signed RTO transfer papers (using Forms 28, 29 and 30)

5. Lender Clearance Certificate and Form 35 in case you have an active car loan

6. A certified copy of the initial information report for incidental claims

7. The police no-trace report if the car is stolen

Choosing the right car insurance provider is an important task that can help you own your car and have a smooth experience with car insurance claims. Before making this selection, you need to review the repair shop network, claims settlement rate, claims process and support from an insurer. Choose well and drive safely!


1. This article was produced by the Times Internet Spotlight team on behalf of Tata AIG.
2. All of the individuals mentioned in this article are fictional and all examples are included as case studies. Any resemblance to a real case / person is purely coincidental and completely unintentional.

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