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Nowadays, drivers have multiple coverage options and can customize their insurance policies however they want to get an insurance plan that suits their needs. Personal protection, or PIP for short, is one of those options that drivers are recommended to purchase. In addition, PIP insurance is compulsory in many states. PIP insurance covers the medical costs of policyholders and their passengers if they are injured in a car accident, regardless of who caused the accident. The PIP insurance also covers other damages.

The PIP insurance can cover the following costs:

  • Medical bills. The PIP insurance pays the medical bills of the policyholder and his passengers who were injured in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. Like any other coverage, PIP insurance has some upper limits. Amounts may vary based on state minimum requirements or the plan. Policyholders are free to choose more coverage if they feel they need more protection.
  • Loss of wages. The PIP insurance can cover loss of income. This option increases insurance costs and has some limits on how much the policyholder can get. Policyholders should think twice before buying this option if they already have a policy that covers the loss of earnings.
  • Funeral expenses. This option helps cover the cost of a funeral in the event of death in a car accident. Policyholders should carefully consider this option and see if it is enough to cover all costs of a funeral.
  • Important services. PIP coverage reimburses the cost of hiring people to help the policyholder in their day-to-day work. Normal chores such as childcare, vacuuming, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, dusting, or mopping the floor can be very difficult to do for someone seriously injured in a car accident.

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